GUERILLA RECORDS @ Brickyard, Carlisle

27th September 2003

College is about to start in two days time. With this being my last year, I will have to make the most of my student life. But the start of the year will see the Twisted Wheel getting its long and talked about refurbishment. But the Brickyard will keep me entertained until the doors will open again. Right now, it is another Guerrilla Records gig. For a Saturday night, this was a good turnout, especially with it having a student feel to the night. Four bands were promoted, but there were only three bands that I saw. So let's go straight into the bands, shall we.

I have never seen this band before, but have been told a lot about them. They are a ska group with a lot of history, so my expectations on this band were very high. But I wasn't actually sure who it was, as they played a more indie/rock felt sound on the first two songs. Then when they introduced themselves, I was shocked. About three or four songs were actually ska music. They had a fifth member coming on to play additional guitar or the saxophone. The reaction from the crowd was pretty good, but the biggest reaction from the set came when the frontman presented a free signed guitar to a member of the crowd who skanked his way to victory. But from the way we were told about this giveaway, the crowd didn't know if it was a wind up, how to win it or when the guitar would be given away. They got back into the ska feel by the last two songs, but where I was disappointed that they were not what I expected, they were a good opening act. - 7/10!

They are the darlings of Guerrilla Records and took to the stage next. The bassist, who I felt was ripping on Cultural Ice Age's singer a month ago, had a Hives look with a black shirt and white tie. They started very well, improving a lot from their last two gigs I saw them play at the Brickyard. They played a lot of new songs too, including ""I Must Admit" and "Miles Apart". It was their usual antics on stage, but their new songs had a Muse sound, while the rest was Sex Pistols meets the Hives! It was their best gig for several months, but I had to deduct 0.5 for the bassist ruining another set at the end by falling over, and doing the same Cultural Ice Age rip off. - 7.5/10!

Time for the headliners - I think! These guys started off bad with very noticeable interference in the speakers during the drums. But it didn't stop them from playing a metal sound that Kerrang would play. It was very different from the night's round of music. A good response as well for these guys. - 7.5/10!

It was an OK night. It wasn't the best Guerrillas gig. Howlette from Motive Sound asked me if I would do my own gig. "Tough Guy's Music presents..." - you can see it now. Well, watch this space. Buck and Kreeper were new but didn't grab hold of me and shake me around. The Forgotten North improved, but I'd get an anchor on the bassist! Chapel Ten will be delighting this Wednesday.

Until then...