THE BANDITS @ Civic Hall, Whitehaven

29th August 2003

It's been a very long time since I have last reviewed a gig. At the moment, Pink Panther Records will be closing its doors very soon and with college about to start again, it's all about sorting everything out at home. However, I managed to get time to do a very first - my first review of a non-Carlisle gig! Wow! Our favourite Carlisle performer, Stephen Dunn, had been named as a support act for the Bandits. So he decided to organise a minibus for anyone in Carlisle who wanted to go. And of course, I took the opportunity to get a seat on the bus and travel down to Whitehaven. The Civic Hall is bigger than the Brickyard, but smaller than the Sands Centre. After getting my ticket (and being searched!), I entered the hall and sat with five other co-travellers to watch three bands perform tonight's round of music.

Dunno and his posse took to the stage first and Dunno was showing his usual enthusiasm and even looking surprised that he was playing an electric guitar, as he normally plays an acoustic guitar. Starting the set with "Witch", it set off what would be a good pattern of music. I remember watching the Housemartins on TOTP2 and if you have seen Dunno, you can tell the big similarities. They played songs such as "In Spite" and their highlight song, dedicating it to me and the other 10 people who travelled on his minibus - "Something's Bothering Me"! The minibus people had positive things to say about the set - and as usual, so do I! - 8/10!

This band are no strangers to my reviews. They headlined their own gig at the Brickyard two months ago, with the Kites supporting. This time, they were playing a bigger hall and a turnout that would be considered a big turnout for the Brickyard. Delivo play a big mix of Indie music of the 90's, the Britpop style and today's indie sound. This band got a small group of the crowd to dance, although Dunno's music also has the same style to dance to! A bigger crowd emerged for this band and they played well, especially their lead guitarist. The crowd responded well to the band! This was their best gig I've seen them done. - 8/10!

Time for the headliners! This band are a signed act, to B-Unique, and have already released three songs, and out to promote their new single. The Bandits got a very big crowd at the front and the way they played was very strange. Their keyboardist looked like he was smashing his amp, but it turned out to get a sound out of it! Their guitarist, who was wearing a long drench coat, seemed to act like that AC/DC guitarist, who dresses like a schoolboy! The sound was very much like what all of these Liverpool bands sound like, such as the Coral and the Basement. They played some of their singles, including "The Warning", "Take It & Run" and "2 Step Rock". But the best moment of the night came after their stellar set, which got a huge response from the crowd. One of the minibus travellers wanted two of his Bandits 7" covers signed by the band. So it was a race against time to find all six members! With just two minutes to go, he got all six to sign both covers and we made it back on the bus. The set was great and worth seeing wherever they are. - 8.5/10!

A very good night. It was worth going to Whitehaven to see! It is a good venue and shows why it is the place to go to in Cumbria (No offence, Brickyard!)! I'll be going to more Brickyard dates in September, so keep an eye out for them!

Until then...