FALLEN TO @ Brickyard, Carlisle

16th July 2003

What a night Funeral For A Friend was! Everywhere I go, I hear great thing about the gig. If you wish to comment about it, you can on our forum. The link is on the main page. But now it's time for what many thought would be a similar, but smaller turnout for Fallen To. Well, it was smaller, but by a lot! I have had many saying they would come, but due to the delay in the tickets from Brickyard, only a handful were actually sold. The turnout was what a good/average turnout at Brickyard was like.

This was the talked about part of the gig - not the turnout, but would Opiate play? News of one of its members leaving spread and people were thinking whether they would play one more gig together. But it was announced that Anodize would replace the mighty Opiate, which caused them to pull out of last Friday's Guerilla's gig. Anodize started the night of music and played a similar set to their last one with Monkey Boy. A small crowd gathered. It wasn't anything special, except for those who haven't seen them or little of them - 8/10!

My two regular visitors to this site told me that this bad are fronted by a female vocalist (they always tell me if a female fronts a band!) and have had an album out already. The vocalist (looking nice, especially the red hair!) signed a poster for one of them (or was he trying to catch her up?) and five minutes later, she and the band took to the stage. The band stormed the set with a hard rock sound, which blended well with good vocalist that can put Kelly Osbourne in her place! Good crowd gathering at the front and the same can be said for the response. It was different for Carlisle and hopefully, we will get something like this again! - 8/10!

Time for the headliners! The big talk on our table was whether Opiate would have blown off the two bands if they did play. We all agreed! I wasn't expecting what I got from Fallen To, who were promoting their mini-album "Which Side Of The Line". What I heard was a sound that sounded similar to Opiate! It actually sounded like a commercial version of Opiate! But it didn't stop a very good crowd from gathering and even starting a mosh pit. The vocalist appreciated the moshing and gave a shout out to one of my posse, who was wearing a Sikth t-shirt! Very good set, which included "Smoke And Mirrors". Those who saw them and liked them should get the mini-album! - 8/10!

Very good night. Wouldn't have spent £4.50 for it, but was good anyway! I'll be doing more reviews very soon, including a Big Cheese Tour.

Until then...