MONKEY BOY @ Brickyard, Carlisle

22nd June 2003

After three nights of seeing live music, you'd think I should rest! But work stopped that and Sunday night was my night to go out and see more live music in Carlisle. There are some dates outside Carlisle I may go to, so don't think I'll always stay in Carlisle! Anyway, the review - the turnout at the Brickyard was well...average! Posters were up for these lot, but I think Tribute To Nothing were more in demand in a place like Carlisle, as last week's had a very good turnout.

I heard their drummer saying that most of the members were feeling nervous. But they went on and performed for the crowd. From their first few songs, their sound was very mixed with rock. Having a mellow sound, hard rock sound and even (my fave word at the mo) emo! Their 3rd song was my favourite of their set and it looked like after those few songs, the nerves disappeared from all four members and they got into a very good stride. Hats off to the guitarist for that excellent tapping! As for the drummer, well the drums were heard - AND FELT - very well! The guitar/vocalist had very good vocals, which blended well into all the songs. There was no crowd at the front for these lot, but the crowd showed their appreciation for the band with a great response. However, a word of advice for the band - DO NOT kick your glass pint of water off the stage while people, especially women, are walking by! It's very rock 'n' roll, but not if someone gets cut by the glass! - 8/10!

Time for the headliners! I remembered that they are on Lockjaw Records and seeing the set up on the stage was very different! No guitars or guitarists! What we had was a drummer/vocalist and TWO bassists! Yeah, TWO bassists! How does that work? Well, let me tell you how with this review... People would speculate what sound a band like this would play. When they did, they had what I thought was a White Stripe-esque, thrash punk sound! What was good about it was it was very unique! One song had a funky style sound blending it too! It was amazing hearing it and the crowd loved it, especially those who were at the front! Don't worry, no glasses were kicked or thrown off the stage. Just finger gesturing from the drummer to his bassists! They played with the crowd well, especially encouraging them to boo at them after a new song that they played! Haha! But it was hard to watch these guys, if you are a male, because they a very distracting video playing in the background, featuring women in cars! They said they brought their own dancers! I'm sure I've seen that video before on Channel 5! But aside from that, they played some good songs, including "50ft Drop". The crowd responded well and much loved in Carlisle. I'm sure they enjoyed it too! - 7.5/10!

Good night for music! And those who didn't like the headliners could watch some women! I will be trying to change the look of the website on Freeserve. If I can't, I'll have to use another domain! But it won't be for a little while! But between now and then, there are more gigs out there, including Stephen Dunn returning to the Calva Bar for another gig this Friday!

Until then...