ALL AGES 13 @ Tithe Barn, Carlisle

13th June 2003

It's the start of three nights of live music!!! So tonight it's the All Ages and whilst queuing outside, I saw that there was a VERY big turnout. I'm sure this pleased Skiddle's Richard. I'm pleased it has gone back to four acts in one night.

Never heard of these lot, but they have a following, as they were at the front. What struck me when they started was they didn't have a vocalist! It was all instrumental. The music was mellow which turned into a fuzz sound. They were like White Stripes with the fuzz sound but they had a bassist! There was a hiccup in the set, but no one noticed or cared. I saw how the people at the front were ones who knew CAD or like this brand of music, while the people who came to see Nush were at the back! A good set, but some songs had too much drum sound and one song had a long intro. They got a good response from the crowd and kicked off the night well! - 7/10

Never seen these guys live and from the first song, their sound was very different from the rest of the line-up. Snooky had an indie sound, like the Thrills and some of the new wave of indie bands coming out at the moment. The vocalist was good and so was the guitarist. But they were playing some good songs and showing some great talent, and all they got were cheers from myself and some ladies around me, who know the band. They had Naked Ape-bitis - a sound that shouldn't be on the same bill as other bands with metal/punk style. The only difference between Snooky and the Apes - Snooky are better! - 7.5/10!

Well, if you read the Livestock review, I put that they were one of the best of the night! Now they play at All Ages and this is where the crowd start to build up. But it already did when "Gay Bar" was played by the DJs! They started like they did at Livestock, with thrashing metal style that could make your ears bleed. But for some reason, they became more tamed with their sound this time than last month, but retaining their sound. But the crowd loved them and I think a pit started, but not dramatic. Good set, but Livestock was when they shone! - 7.5/10

Time for the headliners! After Livestock, it's time for Nush to take to the stage! Livestock gave Nush a lot of confidence and the set summed up the night - they owned it!!! They sounded rawer than Livestock and a big mosh pit took place and wasn't restrictive as last month! The confidence showed in each member, especially the intensity in the face of vocalist, Dave! Mog introduced himself to me! They played many songs from their EP, like "Condemned", "Part Five" and "Intro". A new song was played called "Reality", which saw Dave getting the crowd to sing/scream the chorus! They played covers, including a version of a Pantera song and of course, Slayer's "Raining Blood"! These guys were the best on the night and were better than Livestock! - 9/10!

Good night of music and ranks as perhaps the best of all the All Ages. Moderate bands, but were swept away by metal at its best from Nush! Tomorrow is night 2 and it will be the Brickyard to see Delivo and the Kites!

Until then...