ALL AGES 12 @ Tithe Barn, Carlisle

17th May 2003

Well, this night better be worth it because I sacrificed going to my cousin's 21st Birthday Party (where another cousin of mine got drunk to the point where it was so funny) to go to another All Ages gig. However, this is a bit different. Gone are the four bands that usually play and entered are just two - and only one of them are local! But who knows what surprises will turn up tonight!

Well this is the third time I've seen them live. But the fiasco of the last gig at Brickyard is one to forget. Gone are the grannies clothing and in are caps with "NR" on it! Ah well, good things don't last with those clothes! As far as what I wanted from this set was not the same kind of sound from the Brickyard - the evil mixer from hell giving us Nana's drumming revenge! But no, we got the right sound and it was a million light years away from Brickyard already! The crowd were into the band and the set. And even had a big food fight - with buns!! The crowd loved their antics and their songs, with some from their EP. HOWEVER - one bad ting - NO BARBIE GIRL! Who decided that?!?! We got "Stand By Me", but NO BARBIE F'NING GIRL! It equals their last All Ages set! - 9/10!

Time for the headliners! The three piece set are on a tour and stopped at the Tithe Barn. Well, as far as the set went, I think many wished they didn't stop at Carlisle! Now before I get stoned to death, let me go on record saying that a band like the Naked Apes should NOT be in the same line up as Nana's Revenge or even going on after them! The music was good, but it was that kind of "fun punk" that didn't sit well with the crowd. In fact a quarter of them left the building! I was expecting fast hard punk, but seemed to get cheerful pop punk or dare I say it, "sell out" rock! After the first song, the crowd applaud was small, then it was little and then the crickets chirped! You had to feel bad for these guys - not! But they made the ultimate sin in life - ripping off Foxy Lady! They tried everything to get the crowd back on their side - Get two girls on stage to make out, which they NEVER did! And even getting one of the girls to threaten the crowd to return! But that failed! But some of the crowd did come back...because Sam of Nana's Revenge appeared at the front! And as for playing a song twice "WHATEVER!" I'm not saying they were the worst act in the whole wide world! I'm saying that they were playing alongside the wrong band for them, the wrong crowd for them and the wrong style! Good songs, but didn't cut the mustard in Carlisle! - 6/10

Apart from the headliners, it was a great night. Big ups to Paul for DJing the night! Nana's Revenge was off the hook! They know a good crowd when they see it! Naked Apes were well...OK! As for other gigs taking place, I have to get the diary out to see what is going on, but keep watching on the site for more info, as I will be opening up a new page for more reviews!

Until the next time...