LIVESTOCK 2 @ Brickyard, Carlisle

10th May 2003

I don't rest when there is a back to back gig at the Brickyard. And now it's time for the locals to get me back in the mood I was last night. The gig is a bit like a festival - 6 acts playing throughout the day. From 2pm to 7pm, the under 18's got to experience it, but I went to the 8pm to late show, obviously! Problems came about during the run up to tonight's gig, because two acts advertised to play could not play - Ulcat.Row and Joey Cohen Riot. I spoke to guitarist Mitch from JCR and he said that fellow guitarist, Chris, was in the middle of his exams. I know how he feels! But they got two replacement acts and the show will go on!

They are a three piece cover band, including a drummer, which my mates know. They played just four songs. But their first song (Mudhoney's "Suck you dry") sounded like they just decided to play the song on the spot. I would have given them brownie points for cover of Black Sabbath's "Electric Funeral" - but as soon as the drummer came in, I just cringed! Then the final two songs (Sabbath's "Hand Of Doom" and TSOL's "Superficial Life"), they brought in a new singer, who had the song words in front of him. I'm not criticising that my friends, but it sounded like he didn't even know the song! My reaction afterwards - "God, I need a drink!" It turned out they only knew that they were going to be on a couple of days prior! The crowd cheered, but I'm pretty sure it was for sympathy! - 5.5/10

I was praying they would be better than the first act. They looked like they knew what they were doing. And rightfully so, with their first song "Profit". But then they meant business with a great cover of Deftones "My Own Summer"! A lot of "SHOVE IT, SHOVE IT!" shouted! I was a bit annoyed they only did 3 songs, because I know they could go on with more! Better than the 1st band - 7/10

Apparently, this lot were given an All Ages gig and the crowd that night did not take into the music. Boy these guys were mad! Death metal fans - this lot are for you! What a set! My two mates (both twins) just immediately enjoyed this lot, due to their extreme love of death metal! And as for their cover of Slayer - YOU ROCK! It was a very different band I saw and got a big pit! What I hated was that bastard bouncer who doesn't seem to know the meaning of mosh pit at a rock gig. In fact, he threw someone out because of this! If it was up to him, he would have thrown everyone out. So we would have one man and his dog left! But apart from that - kick ass serious! - 8/10

A blast of metal! The crowd were enjoying a perfect follow up to the last act and a big pit proved it as well! Not much was unique that stood out for me, except the crowd liking the band! Kudos! - 8/10

Well, these guys are good! This is the fifth time I've seen them - 3 times at All Ages and once before at Brickyard. The latter was their best I've seen of them. So I was expecting a repeat of four months ago, then they had technical problems! They seem to have this a lot, but this is the first time I've experienced it! But while the first two songs went well, they kept having more technical problems and the crowd noticed this. Worse gig of 2003 so far - sorry guys! - 6.5/10

Time for the headliners. As soon as I got into the Brickyard, hearing their sound check, they knew what they were doing. And their record deal with Visible Noise proves it. If you've only heard Opiate on their debut album "Distinctive Smile", then expect 10 times more when you see them live! I know everyone loves "Dysfunction" and when it came on, everyone got up and paid attention to these guys. Nu-Metal, thrash metal, hardcore...these guys have it all! They played more songs from the album, including "Alone Again" and "Your Time". Opiate sounded just like they have the last two times - FANTASTIC! - 10/10!

OK night - downsides were the first act and Second To Last, who should have sounded a hell of a lot better than tonight. I've got breathing space for a while. I'll let you all know where I will be reviewing next!

Until then...