FIERCE PANDA RECORDS @ Brickyard, Carlisle

9th May 2003

I've seen that a lot of changes can happen in just one week of your life. But those are put on hold for tonight as I went to the Brickyard once again. What possessed me to go at 7.15pm is beyond me! But I talked to the bar staff and got a free pint. By 8.30pm, the crowd started to gather, with more people I knew.

The first act to come on was this lot who I have heard of. I have heard a couple of songs but couldn't remember them as it was a long time ago. But now I get the chance to hear them live and in person. I heard this lot when they did their sound check at half 7 and listening to "S.G.W." made me get a feeling that the band and the night would be one to not forget. 'X' Is Greater Than 'Y' had a great sound, especially with a cello player in the band. And another extra part of their set, which gets brownie points, was the visual film in the background. A new song was played called "Give Me Strength", as well as their last single "Mirrors & Cameras" but the best song from the set was "Under The Glass" - a nice slow indie sound into a hard rock sound - with a cello! Crowd enjoyed it and it wouldn't be the only band they enjoyed. They were best of the night, in my opinion!!! Like to see this lot again - 9/10

Another "I've heard of this lot" band. I know they released a single recently called "Romance". But what will the Aussies give us. They had a Jimmy Eat World meets Sonic Youth sound to them, especially with guitarist Cibot. They played some interesting songs that had the JEW/SY sound, including "Something New" and "Reactor". The crowd enjoyed this lot and Cibot must have liked it that much that he jumped off the stage, into the crowd and gave his guitar to a member of the crowd to play in their last song. It was only for a minute, but it looked like the guy was getting into the song! Good act and it made me wonder what would be next for the last act. - 8/10

Time for the headliners! I read on the flyer that there are only two members - a drummer and guitarist/singer. I was getting a White Stripes feeling. But unlike the White Stripes, what I saw was different - a talented guitarist AND a talented drummer! If only Meg White could be like that. They are described as high energy rock n roll at blistering speed. That statement was confirmed as soon as the first song was played. The crowd definitely loved this lot and the best song was the last - a long instrumental with long gaps!!! The crowd loved it and I liked it! - 8/10!

Great night! Talented bands! All deserve to be signed up by big labels. I won't be able to rest tomorrow because it's Livestock 2003 at Brickyard at 7pm! Opiate headlining and with other big local acts like Second To Last, you know this won't be a missable gig.

Until then...