Tony Maloley presents: The Greatest Songs Ever!

Picture is my first draft sketch for my smash hit album from 2000... I guess I put it on CD in 2001... yeah I used the first draft, so what... looks better than your album... my CD maker program made it a little squattier than this...

Anyway, when I downloaded a song with my new fantastic Motorola Droid (it's 2010 now), it permanently attached my nerdy old photo to the mp3. So I had to change it to this here awesome rock badass cover art. Look at him bending that acoustic neck, and hanging that mic over the top of a bedroom door that was left out of the picture.

Scroll down past the summaries for the song downloads.

The Heart On My Sleeve, Live - 2005 - High resolution stereo - Sometimes Anthony Infante at Sullivan's has his recorder ready to catch a karaoke performance. Thanks, Anthony. You can hear the thunderous applause at the end... that was Davan... there were about 4 other guys there too, but I assume they had their hands full. Of beers.

Can't Believe That I Still Love You - 2007 remix - High resolution Mono (had to conserve disk space here) - This is from the 2000 SEE MY SOUL album, except, sped up. Yes, I cheated to make the song sound better. But is is also true that cassette tapes stretch, so the tenth time you play it back, it plays slower than it was recorded. I also remixed the balance, cut out where Tony was a little long-winded, and attenuated some painful parts. It wound up almost a minute shorter.

See My Soul - 2006 remix - High resolution stereo - These older recordings (2000) were made with a little tape deck, that had separate microphone jacks for left and right. So on the original album, most songs have all the vocal on just the left side. I have digitally simulated a better stereo effect, and added reverb to the vocal, I love this one.


Is It Cold? - A happy melody. Do you have someone to love you? Does it have to be the best? Simply genius.

I Love You, I Miss You, Goodbye - Country, from the SEE MY SOUL home-made album. This is not a long song, but it is a bigger file because of the spectacular stereo. I made a copy, reversed the left and right channels, inserted 0.008 seconds delay, reduced volume slightly, and overlayed it with a non-adjusted copy. I think I added some standard echo after that. Among the best recordings and best songs ever. I should win at least four Grammys for this one.

Sorry That I Love You - This mp3 is from a Super Nintendo game that lets you paint and make music. I used it to work out some of the harmony I wanted for "Sorry." Unfortunately, it doesn't let you use any sharps or flats, so I had to transpose it to C. You will hear some barks and one meow.

My songs are copyrighted, you don't mess with me, I don't mess with you.

I'll try to add new songs occasionally. - I wrote that about 17 years ago, ha ha...

If clicking the links doesn't work for you, try a right click and save the file to your hard drive.

Click below to download songs:

NEW The Heart On My Sleeve, Live

NEW Can't Believe That I Still Love You, 2007 remix

NEW See My Soul, 2006 remix

I Love You, I Miss You, Goodbye, 2.6MB mp3 in stereo!

Is It Cold? 0.8MB mp3

Sorry That I Love You, Mario Paint, 377kB mp3

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