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        Now 2 Forever



The day you walked into my life,
began the day to the rest of ours.

You touched my heart,
with a warm smile,
a few laughs,
and your gentle ways.

Aaron Your my other half,
I have been searching for!
Thank You, for walking
through my door.


Always Be My Lover

Always be my lover!!
Lets have a love we share is like no other
A caress from your warm gentle hand
I am lost to thrills of Ecstasy so grand.
Your kisses are as hot as cayenne spice
Sending me into a sinful pleasure of paradise.
Passion is written in both of our eyes
Carried through our moans and sighs.
Pure sweet bliss exploding within us
Our hearts awaken to love and lust.
Hearts and bodies entwined together as one
Through a few precious moments of delightful fun.
We lay in each others arms through the night
Knowing with love the pleasure made it right!
When the sun just barely raises in the sky
Whisper I Love You and make me sigh.
Be my lover forever through time and space
Lost in paradise in your loving embrace.


Written by :   Insomniac 11-27-05





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