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- Biography -


Date of Birth:  11-16-1981

City of Residence:  Toronto ON


The progression of events that led to success was a road hard traveled.  But Sean has been more than willing to take the initiative.  

His DJing career has been moving in leaps and bounds since he first started laying down vinyl in the winter of 1999.  His intense love of music coupled with a serious ear for new sounds found Sean’s plate selection next to none in his genre.  Constant practice led to some of the most innovative and tightly mixed sets, this led him to be quickly noticed by party goers and promoters alike.  The name ‘The Peligross’ has been seen on flyers all over North America, from Vancouver to Montreal, and from Orlando to New York.

Sean was also responsible for heading a partnership with what was once “SoundOff Productions” in Toronto.  This events and recording team was partially responsible for breathing life back into Toronto’s hard dance scene by stepping up the quality of talent and the events themselves. 

After taking a break from promoting and concentrating solely on his music for 2 years, Sean is ready to make his break back into the North American Hard Dance Scene with the introduction of a brand new sound.

Sean’s selection of cutting edge hard/NU-NRG trance, freeform, and pounding bass-line techno, as well as his ability to pull off tight, smooth mixes, allows him to be one the most versatile DJs behind the decks, and will again promise him a place at the top.