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The Biography


Above is the photo of Todd Moore & Anthony Langhorne.These two seperately are the creators of Arise Phoenix & The Manayunk Stroll. But together have forged to become Luxury Edition.

They attended school together at Mainland Regional in South Jersey. Once these two met they became great friends. Listening to vintage records on Todd's turntables. Coming up with concept ideas and plain enjoying hits from Prince,Barry Manilow,the Imperials,Stevie Wonder & so on. They came together and began making house beats on vintage drum machines and keyboards.

They have done shows in basements,balconies,backyards,& old vintaged cathedrals. Now that they have established their sound and have crafted their skill...they are ready for mainstream play. Starting big with a radio played song and performing at small venues around Jersey & Philadelphia areas they are strong with their goal.

So with all the above said and you have an idea what these two are about please take a listen or view of any media offered on this page and just enjoy Luxury Edition!!