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Welcome to the lair of VOID!

Reasons to listen to Void

You want to know more about us, right?

The bands legendary history- as told by Kyle Seudeal
The Bios- Info for the fans who go to the measures of stalking

Important Band News - 11.1.02 Voids first Cd goes on sale - 2.14.03 Void starts recording new songs for there secong Album - 3.28.03 Void loses its original lead singer,new singer unknown - 4.10.03 We have a new lead singer, Chris Gonzales,hopefully he can fill the shoes of johnny gonsler - 4.12.03 The guys are still working on writting songs for there second cd,due out sometime this fall,They should be done recording somtime in september - 4.28.03 The band Electric head has asked us to play in there show "Headfest" on august 2nd with a few other bands(unknown) - 5.11.03 Were still working hard on writting the songs,we're aiming for 10-12 songs on this cd - 6.12.03 We hit the studio again to record 3 new songs for the cd - 7.25.03 8 Days till headfest! Be there or be square bitches its free, We're Playing with electric head,there will also be Damnit susan,Dr satins dance party, And day at the races,this show should be entertaining,so go - 7.26.03 WE got our set list ready of steel 2. Idle 3. Bleeding white 4.Conundrum