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History of the famed band Void

"We started back in freshman year, some time around December 2000. Paul decided to come up with a band just for the hell of it- ya know, something to do. He bought himself a drum kit and, knowing that Rob had been playing guitar for a while, he got him to be our guitarist. Paul told me about the band and told me to buy a bass. I wasn't really all for it but what the hell, so after a couple of weeks I bought my Squire Affinity P-Bass (yeah, it sucks but I busted out some killer riffs on it) and became the third part to what at the time was just a band- no name. We made up a couple of riffs to start off with- Price is Right and Walking in the Garden of Steel but after a little bit Paul decided to throw out Price is Right because he didn't like it, and since Walking in the Garden of Steel was an improv song we kinda forgot how to play it. Now we had to find a vocalist, or preferably a guitarist and a vocalist combined. We asked a couple of guys... one from Swartz Creek who went to St. Pius with us, but he didn't dig the entire band thing though so he was out. We asked Matt McMillen but he didn't feel like playing guitar so he was out. Hell, we thought about Chris Myers for a second or two, literally, but threw that idea out. We waited for a little while and thought of Chris Gonzalez as another option. He came to one of our practices, and decided he didn't fit in with our style at that time. Of course, after that we thought about John Gonsler as an option. He liked what we had to offer and joined our band, but after a few quarrels here and there and the fact that we didn't see eye to eye on everything, he left our band thinking we had kicked him out while we thought he had quit. SO we waited and Gonsler rejoined the band. This time around we were able to record our first album, It Lives Near You. Several months after our first album, Gonsler wasn't feeling the music anymore. He decided to drop the band this time, once and for all. Once again we were in need of a singer and another guitarist, and this time around it was much more difficult. Our style of music had changed from what was once "happy" and upbeat to a much heavier sound based on Korn, Deftones, Tool, Metallica, and who knows what else. Anyways, we tried out Scott Mestrezat as our second guitarist, but that didn't work out well, either because of the fact that he didn't actually practice with the band or because his style wasn't like ours at all. With Mestrezat out of the picture, we turned to RNS guitarist, Andrew Germann. He came over to one of our practices and once again, it amounted to nothing. Germann's style was very much so not heavy enough for Void. It was becoming a problem finding anybody from Powers Catholic High who actually played heavy music who wasn't in a band already. To solve the problem, we decided to give up and just keep Rob as our guitarist. With the question of if we were going to get another guitarist out of the way, we turned to the fact that we needed a singer. This time we decided to go back in time and ask Chris Gonzales once again. He agreed this time because our style had changed to a heavier sound that he enjoyed much more. Now we're working on our second album and showing everyone who doubted us as a band that we're going on 3 years now, and every day we get better." "This is very confusing, I know, but Void's history is f**ed up anyways so." -Kyle Seudeal