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Ahahaha. It's been a long time since we last met. TOC is somewhat back on its feet for the summer. Practices are running and although they may be sparse and lack some attendance, the important thing is that they are happening. We recently played at Wes' graduation party and discovered we have alot more material than we thought. :) We are looking to do shows this summer, so if you are planning one and need another rock band to play contact us through our myspace : TOC: Taste Of Chains

Chancey ;)


TOC is temporarily on hiatus. Atleast until we finish our educations.

Nick and I are here at Umaine Machias, Dan is at PC, Brent is on his way to NEIT, and Wes is still in high school as a senior.

No, don't worry we'll be back to practice during vacations and maybe some surprise weekends. :)

On a brighter note, Dan was contacted by a new magazine in Boston, Boston Beat, that would like to interview us to be put into the magazine. Our time to shine scallywags! We'll keep everyone posted on that


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