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Hot Paintshop Action

Pffff, Old Car is it? Better than that shitty van. Old car..... pffff.

Good news. Finished Heightened and worked on Man in the Box AND Sweet Atrocity today in the studio (Myself, Wes, and Dan). Looking pretty freakin sweet. Nick and Brent are next for the last two. It's Coming,..... So Watch Out!

Old Car Owner (Mike)(Sourpuss) :-P

Well well, Lets see here. Recording progress goes as follows... Heightened is mixed and all we are waiting for is Wes to redo the lead vocals because our guitars bled into the mic at Dan's house. We'll use the vocal booth and it'll come out better. After this we are heading to Man in the Box, according to my pops its the next best recording, and we will work on the that in the studio in groups again. After that probably we'll go to Sweet Atrocity (same method as first two) and then have another full recording session to lay down Pectin, Bullet Hole, Sustain, No More Sun, Sweet Chile, and the secret one! Sounds good. Alot to do.. but good. Boop! Chancey

TOC has finally started working on it's EP, The Living Room Album. So Here is the EP's current status:

Heightened: Recorded and being mixed. Backing Vocals are going to be re-recorded soon.
Man in the Box: Recorded. Mixing is still underway.
Sweet Atrocity: Recorded. Mixing is still underway.
Hidden Track (SHH!!!): Just like the last two. We'll keep you detsoP....I mean Posted.

Tsunami Relief Benifit SHow is TONIGHT! TONIIGHT, so right. The SHow is at the dropzone(2600 mendon road, Cumberland RI). Doors Open at 5 p.m. and we are on at 5:30 (First band so get there earlY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT NOW! And here is the Lineup for tonight:

Taste of Chains: 5:30-5:55
The Grave Affair: 6:05-6:25
The Shores of Effulgence: 6:35-7:05
Morris: 7:15-7:45
Marching Through Silence: 7:55-8:45
The Honor Code: 8:55-9:30

Tickets are only $7.

Hey whats up?

I just finished a kickass background inspired by Heightened. It's pretty sweet

Check it out in the Media section or here: Heightened Background

Chancey ;)

Here Yay? TOC is playing a show at the Dropzone, in Cumberland, RI, the 23 of Feb.

The show is for the Tsunami Relief, so everbody go!!!!Those exclaimation points tell you that I mean buisness!

Now here is the the curent line up for the show and the time slots:

Taste of Chains: 5:30-5:50(We are the opening act so get there nice and early!)
Shores of Effulgence: 6:00-6:25
Toward the Inside: 6:35-7:05
Morris: 7:15-7:45
Marching Through Silence: 7:55-8:45
The Honor Code: 8:55-9:30

Tickets are only $7. I'll let you know if there is a change will the times and what not. I'll put the Specific addreses for the Dropzone when I find it. haha...HAHAHAHA!!! HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! "There is one thing we can do to get out of debt...Our only Choice? Let the government build a missle silo in our town."


Post Script= My "Solo" recording project has a purevolume page. Spelunking Bandit's Health Club is the Name Check it out if you wish. There is only one song up right now.

Whaddup Smallfries?

TOC will  be performing at the BMR talent show on March 3rd. So come and see us rock to the max. We have a new song that was written by Brent and tweaked by all of us. It rocks. It may even be Supergayhappyawesome. I'll have to check with T.C. McCall on that one though. If we were famous, I think this song would be our first single. So come check it out.

Keep an eye out for Brent's solo project that he's been working on. Good stuff

Ah woot woot, Mike ;)

12:53, January 2nd.
They are up. 4 hours and 53 minutes. And the pictures are up. GO TO THE MEDIA SECTION!
Tick tick Brent. Tick Tick...
Hello. Not to much to report. Winter recess is coming up, so TOC will hopefully be able to get some work done for the Demo. I've posted two new poems on my quaint little page. I put the TOC purevolume like in the media section. Also, Wes now has a bio page in the BAND section, though no bio is up yet.
Wow, Long over due update coming right at -cha! Yo y-y-yo Up Der rah!

So Battle of the bands was an incredible night. Everything came together well, and Taste of Chains Was the runner up to MTS after a tie-breaking round. And now that we have solidified our place as major players and as a band to be reckoned with, we are going to record a demo. At this time we don't really have a title for the EP, but it will be grand I can assure you! here is a list of the song that will most likely appear on the demo:
-Man in the Box
-Sweet child
-Sweet Atrocity
-The Second
-Bullet Hole Nostalgia*NEW*
-No More Sun*NEW*

Sorry again for the lack of updates. We TOC fellows have gotten a but lazy and drunk with power after the BOTB. I guess thats it for now...And we will try to fix the Guestbook soon too. Still not quite sure what's the matter with it.
-Maximus Quade

New Desktop up in media page.

Battle of the bands line up. Towards the inside, Seductive Aura, Taste of Chains, and Marching Through Silence.

New pics up in the media section (Featuring pictures of Vocalist Wes).

So far, here is the bands status/Playlist.

1)Heightened: Vocals are done, along with music. Just perfecting.

2)Man in the Box: Music done. Vocals need work. Difficult to sing.

3)Sweet Atrocity/Vertigo: Coming along great. I'm thinking this will make a good finishing song for our set. Vocals are all in place. Again just perfecting.

4)The Second: Vocals seem to be in place. More practice on the guitars should be done to get "Tighter" but doing weel.

5)Sweet Child O' Mine: Music is coming to get well. Vocals decent. Still needs work at the end.

6)Pectin (New):Band has yet to start working on it, but I have recorded a rough demo of it with all but vocals. Wrote some lyrics for it the other. SHould be good once we start to work on it.

So things are shaping up well. The band is thinking of having a another practice this coming sunday.

The battle of the bands is happening this year, and the Taste of Chains is going to be playing as well. No maybes on my watch. Should be a swell time. If you want to here the rough demo of Pectin just click this here link. TASTEOFCHAINS

JUST ONE SECOND, JUST ONE SECCOONND! This was the sound emerging from Dan's house tonight. Wes is definatly a keeper and will be own new singer. We worked on and have a good grip on vocals and lyrics for The Second (hehe) and Heightened. Also Man in the Box and Sweet Child O Mine (we still have some work to do for these). There was an overall jovial feeling to this practice and everything is finally coming together. Lets hope the public will be seeing more of us... or any of us at all...or us for the first time.... heheh


Man, tonight was probably the last summer practice. School starts soon, and that means a battle of the bands. We are forming our line up; which will probably consist of Heightened ,Man in the Box, Sweet Atrocity, and Sweet Child of Mine! We'll have a final list up soon. Yeap, we decided on SCoM the other day and played it alot tonight. It's coming together well. I'll get after Dan on putting up a couple pictures from tonight. We bought mic stands too, and a fog machine. Hence the jazzy, bar-esque, card playing feeling in the pictures.


Hello, it's dan. I've got some pictures for your head....Yay....go to the media section.[half-assed post]
Alright. So there hasn't been a whole ton to report as of late. The band has be sorta hibernating this summer. Things though are starting to get back on track, and we are gunning for a practice Thursday/or Friday.

Word on the street is that the Battle of the Bands(BOTB) will likely be in October. TOC is trying to work as much as possible to prepare, and hopefully with the little time we have to fix key problems, Such as our lack of a Singer and certain song issues, we will be able to participate. Though personally, it looks grim to me. But then again, crazier things have happend.

NOTE: If you are a singer between the ages of, lets say, 15-19, and are a good rock n' roll singer, Feel free to try and contact us by leaving us some info in the guestbook (Located at the bottem of the page)

Let it be know through out the streets of British Columbia...And other places too...TOC Finally had aband practice today(Uproarious Cheer). yes, thank you thank you. well that's actually it. I just wanted to say that hopefully we will practice on a more regular basis. The practice was really good, though mike was only there for the last half. Dan took a picture or two, so he might put them up...though he only took a couple...So we shall see.
-Speaking on behalf of: TOC;:Brent!.?{""}][=12
Hey children. It's good to see you all today in my Neighborhood. and a happy tomorrow, tomorrow, to you!

Aaaanywhat, It would seem that the Dan has returned from the fiery gorges of the earth (i.e. Cape cod), so hopefully TOC can finally get back on track, and get a leg up on a pile. So call 555-55-5585-55-5-MORTAGE-TODAY!!...No I didn't steal that from a popular internet cartoon site.

Whelp, that's all for today, oh yes, and a new poem on my page in the Media section (insert desperate attempt to get people to go to my page..Woot)
-(B)rent Go(di)n

July 7th...2004
We managed to survive...somehow. A Storm of Biblical, even Torah..ical Proportions abruptly struck in the we hours of the mourning, whne the Taste of Chains was able to get a canoe, and boat to saftey. But don't expect us to be deturred by some flash flood across the world, ooooh no. The Taste of Chains is Coming to Rock and Pillage a town near you!

-Continuing our epic voyage, TOC
storm never took place.

NEW UPDATES, OMFG OMFG, NEW UPDATES!! well sort of.. There is a new link for the aptly titled, "Mike's Photoshop" page on the Media Page.

A new image was added today too, -Mike

There also has been a new Desktop added to the media page in case you are one of those with the voracious desire for more desktops... It's never enough for you, is it?...alllways needing moooorree....

Anywho, not to much to say as far as the news actually relating to the band. Dan has been in, "The Cape" for the past week, so we haven't been able to practice as much as usual, unfortunately. hopefully when dan gets back, we can get back on track, and other overly used sayings.

Ah, yes! It was the FourthT of July 2 days ago. God bless America, and all it's totaliterianist Monopoly's! I'm talking to you Hallaburton... Go have a grilled Cheese burger topped with a convient tax cut and Control of Iraqi Oil Reserves for god sakes!..Ah the American way..
-Brent, with a capital letter of some form.

Hegh, Yes Masters, You have created it all masters. You are a god, yes masters! Hegh hegh. It lives! Mike's Photoshop Gallery is alive! Viiisiiit! Become entranced in its ambience! Hegh hegh! The Gallery


Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell everyone that I am back home, from New Hamsters. I had a good time. If you want the nitty gritty details check out my livejournal:

That's all I've got to say for now. In the mean time, remember:

We interupt this mildly important web surf to bring you breaking news, ( not from the front)! The newly yet Democratically elected Darshtak J. Newmahchev III was found under a bizarre FBI case. Apprently he was actually killed in WWI and is now back from the dead and ready to send us to our doom. A photo follows:

-The Infamous
Oh, the end is near. We don't have much time. Buy yur can goods and go hide in the bomb sheltr' in the back yur'd, cause Newman is class president(dictator). Woah, I'm talking in the 3rd person, that's kinda freaky. I now live in constant fear of being assasinated. Perhaps I should invest in a personal secret service, to prevent any stray dodge balls from hitting me in the head. New paragraph, this one is going nowhere quickly....

My first move as president is to declare martial law on the town of blackstone...So kiddies, be in your houses by 9:00 or you will be arrested by my stormtroopers....Remember, Love is Hate, Peace is War, and...Oh crap...I forgot the other two...Oh well.

-Democratically Elected President Czar Darshtak J. Newmahchev III

No updates, Sign Guestbook!(located at the bottem of this page).

new poem, "Artist" is up, go crazy.

Small Update...but size doesn't matter....

Hey, how's it going. Don't go to the media section. Don't click on the new guy teen squad picture. Don't do it....

-Czar Darshtak J. Newmahchev III

hello again, i really got to stop updating the site so often, just wanted to say if anybody cares two new poems on my Page, "The Jester" and "Human Flaw". read em' if u want. sign the guestbook if you like, give us feedback, make fun of us, or me, whatever
-You can probally guess who this is.

*NOTE* new, rewritten version of The Jester is up. (5/29/04)

bonjour à tous. J'ai une autre nouvelle poésie vers le haut à ma page appelée "désolée". disparaissent ainsi le contrôle il dehors si vous aimez. SIGNEZ LE GUESTBOOK. I.E. new poem, called "Sorry" SIGN GUESTBOOK
-Over and unusually out, Brent
hey there people, brent here( sorry mike, you were taking to long to get around to making an update, ill let u do the next couple updates). ive got a new poem up on my page called "My Dead, Cold Eyes" for u kids to check out if u wish (i.e. me)

ok now to the real news. just the other day we had or first practice with the talent of jenna ramos in our presence. it was a pretty good practice. we let her hear all of our songs, including newly added songs to our regiment "Stairway to Heaven" and original, "Collage". According to "Mike" she liked what she heard so hopefully things will work out. well that is all for now, i think. we'll keep u posted.
Brent, spelunking extrodinare!

No updates today, just wishing MR Dan a happy 17th birthday, GOODTIMES, LET THE THE BLUDGEONING, LACERATING, AND MANGLING COMMENCE!!(does odd hand wave/point to the sky).oh sry badman, we'll let u do the blugeoning this time. well all give dan a wish of luck when u see him and give me a dollar

emptiness is loniness, and loniness is cleanliness, and cleanliness is godliness, and god is empty, just like: Brent Godin wishing Dan Newperson a happy birthday, along with fellow Philandering Roughians Mike Lachance and Nick Brown

Well today is a very special (and nefarious) day. May fifth is the birthday of two very famous people, both of whom would make you feel vaguely uneasy if you met them in a crowded elevator.Anyway, the most recent is this spooky fella(emphasis on "a"), Dan Newman. Today he turns 17 years old, although his emotional sophistication still resembles that of three year old (at best). So if you see him in the halls, please don't bludgeon, lacerate, or mangle him, physically or mentally...The second birthday boy is none other than the history book legend, Karl Marx, the father of Socialsim, and the inventor of bendy straws... SEXHE BEAST...

"Don't break yeh neck!"

Even communists need some lovin...Happy b-day Mr. SocialisticAnticapitalismComradeWorkersrebellionistic Dude...we salute you...for reasons beyond my understanding, *nervous laugh*.

Check out the media section. I've added a new song. Tis called "of rain". God I love the rain...

-Czar Darshtak J. Newmahchev III

(not to be confused with D.J. Newmahchev the Gurly Mahn)

pffffff...who cares about tuesday
hello. after much experimentation, i have come to the conclusion that my poems page does really take up taht much space, so ive put it back up, so if you want to check it go down to the media section, and if ud like to comment on it, or just make fun of it, make urself heard in our guest book (located at the bottem of the page).

Now to more important news. Taste of Chains has become aware of a talented young singer that goes by the name of Jenna Ramos who might become the Lead Vocalist for TOC. Were all really excited for to see if things work out with her. so thats all for today. THANK YOU, GOOD NIGHT!
-one link in the chain, Brent

hey its the first day of may, and what a splendid day it is at that! well i just thought i would mention that i move some of the previous updates into the archives at the bottem incase anyone was wondering why some old updates were missing


Hi. brent here. no real updates, just mentioning that i decided to take down my poems page. i figure im probaly the only person looking at that page, plus we are starting to run a little low on bandwidth

well im out, cya

Hey there sport, me and the fellows were going to head down to the good old sasperrela stand to pick up a few liters of pop, want jaunt on down with us? with that said, ive gotsa Three new poems up on my poems page so check em out. dan might put up so pics from the prom that the guys went to. so thats all.YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHA!


Hello folks. We had a great time at the prom. We minggled, we sang, we danced, we cried, we found various objects stashed away in the back of the mens room.....errrrr...yeah. I'm going to miss my tux, *sad sigh*. I might put some pictures on the site. We'll see.

Okay, here's the deal. I'm still a ruthless, bloodthirsty Moderate, that hasn't changed, BUT holy chit, we need to get Bushy Boy out of office... See what I mean...

Also, another site that might change your LIFE.

God, I hate politics so much, and yet....

Hello. just thought that i might mention that Taste of Chains plans on doing a small gig this summer for family and friends. no word of a date or anything, just an idea that we are throwin around. hopefully we will be ready by then to play. so if u want to know more about it or whether u would like to attend or not, just ask Mike, he seems to be the mastermind behind this idea.

so everyone can look forward to that (hopefully) prom day...woo, ill have to ask the guys how that was... o yea, new poem up on my page
signing out


Now that ive taken care of that, there is another desktop up, and u desire checka it as i comand

-Mr. Brent

Goodness gracious, great balls of fires...errr...whatever. Anyway, go check out our media section for all the hot and mildly suggestive photos of us doing stuff, stuff that would make your grandmother cry...oh...I've said too much...

By the way, if any of you 2.3 visitors are any-good at singing, give us a call...please....helpa brother...

-dan newperson

Hello, today was studio day. didnt accomplish as much as we would have liked but its a start. we manage to lay down a foundation for "Vertigo". should be able to make it a masterpiece next time (give or take, we hit the studio agian in a month).

No other news for today. cool concert friday. Marching through silence rocked! check em out at there site some cool, fairly silly pics up there. ive started to do some cool webdesign for them and that should be goin up on their site in the future
-Brent Scott Godin
Hello people, Breut here, just made a new desktop. if you'd like, you can go to the media section and check it out along with all our other desktops. Go ahead. Check it. I know you want to, dont be shy..

Oh yes, today the TOC shall be havin g a band practice, so there is a good chance new pics will be up soon.
Hey PEEPS. i just noticed that the Dan Man put up some lyrics on the media page. CHECK EM OUT, its actully the 12th right now, but i missed in the last update, and i didnt feel like jammin it in there wit the rest of that stuff

hey people, small update, we will actually be hittin the studio the 18th, not the 17th. i know this does really affect any of u..but what of it? you seriously want to start somthing with this 165 pounds of fury???!...sorry, ill cut the ruckus.

OH YEA! one other thing, and this is something you kids will want to know! When Your good ol' neighborhood TOC hits the studio on the 18th, we are goin to record our song "Vertigo" to be summitted into a song contest (with a possible prizzeaa of 30,000 dollarzzz...!) TALK ABOUT EXCITEMENT. so you can all look forward to that, should be good, the band is going to work on writing lyrics for vertigo so that it can be up to its best when we summit it. and hopefully we will be able to record all the other songs mentioned in previous updates, with time prevailing.

if you want to know more about this CONtest...ask mike(your friendly neighborhood bass player. He has most of the facts on this.)
-I'll see you all on the darkside of the mooooooohoooohoon. BRENT!

Merry Easter Childs. today we celebrate the day that our lord christ was reserected as a large rabbit that hides colored egg, REJOICY! well no actual updates today, but just as a reminder (and a reason to justify my updating the site) Taste of Chains will hit the studio the 17th of April to rerecord more exellent versions of Heightend and the Second, to record the Man in the Box cover, and possibly Vertigo, and with the highly off chance of prevailing time after all of those, we will record our acoustic song that we've started to work on, Save (lyrics under Brents Poem page)

Well that is all for this day of ridiculous, almost indecorus, holiness. Make sure your babies are Croc Savi.

-WHATS THE WORD, AH WORDOUUUUT!....(take on to me)?? o yea, Brent \w/

Hello everybody, I'm doctor nick. I am here on a covert mission to inform all of our loyal fans that we will be back in the studio on April 17. We will probably record a better version on Heightened and The Second, hopefully Man in the Box, and possibly Vertigo. We just had a very successful practice last night and we had an audience *cough* victim *cough* of one. Newman will probably post the pictures soon so you can check us out. I OBJECT!

x Nick

Dan here, Final Report: dan's house 3 complete
Conclusion: potentially hilarious...
Hello, ive got some more poems up on my page so if u desire, take a gander at them, and if u wish, u can sign the guestbook and give some, what we in the biz like to call "feedback".

With that said, i just was wondering why you dont call anymore....i mean if want to end it..well frankly LETS JUST END IT NOW!...sorry you had to hear that

wellthats all for now...WORD
Brent P.S. you know who you are

Dan's been working, and came up with a brilliant idea, Teen Guy Squad! Check it out in the Media Section!
Psssttt,... are you the pink squirrel? Well, either way, you have to check out Brent's Poetry. It's been re-vamped to his biography section. Good stuff, go check it out. -The Mike ;0
hello, i just wanted to mention in case anybody didn't know, we have a guestbook at the bottem of this news page section, so if you would like to sign it, give us some feed back, or read previous entries, head down to the bottem of this page. and for some odd reason all the content on my poems page found on the media section got deleted. so that is out of order. im not exactly sure what happen, so im just gonna take that down from the site, it would be to time consuming to try and redo all that stuff, o well, what can u do?

signing out
-Bugsy Malone

shalom agian, its Brent.(i bet everyone dreads that i was given the password to this site). But don't fret to much im goin to try to stop addressing the site so much, but i just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new link on our media page that features some of my poetry, so if anybody, by some off chance, actually wants to read them, they can head down to the media section.

well thats all guys,
-Brent Godin...guitar solo, BRWWAAAAAA!

Hello naughty knaves. i regret to report that i was given faulty info on the BOTB(battle of the bands). as it turns out there will not be a BOTB on the 15th of may, the person i got this from was mistaken (i guess he misenturpreted something someone said, i guess there is a massachussetts BOTB on that date featuring like 80 bands or somethin)

i appauligise for the misinformation, and for spelling appauligise wrong, among other the first time i address the site and everything goes amiss. well anyway, sorry for my foolish, devilsih even, mishap, and happy april fools day (NOTE: everything mention about is not an april fools joke)...but this, LOOK OVER THARE! (scampers off)
o well, -Breut Godin

Bonjour. It's danny, with Canada pictures. Go check out the media section, eh. More will be added soon....ha...I've said that before....
Also, I picked up a Canadian rock band's CD. They're called Krome, and they sound sort of like a cross between Alice in Chains and Puddle of Mud, weird....Also, Nick got a 400 Rabbits CD...which I have yet to listen to...those crazy Canadians....
-Dan Boon