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Scott Adrian

Welcome to the Singer/Screamer pics of Scott Adrian

This is me..the site creater and vocalist for Still Born

I sing/scream for Still born, im not pro or anything but i like to think im pretty good. Sometimes Daniel does a chorus or two just to mix it up a bit but im lead as u can tell. I think i sound a bit like the guy from adema and scream like the guy in Avenged Sevenfold so i like to have that good combination.

Heres me again in a nice pose

Yeah i never thought of being a singer before but i know i love Death Metal so id love to be a part of a band like the ones i listen to. and look at me so happy. Incase u want to know im single ;) and looking.

Heres me again in a nice pose

Yeah i know i have the look for a death metal band so takin pics for it was easy. I do write most of the music but Daniel (guitar) does write a couple behind my back. But i always end up rewritten it to fit my screaming pleasures. Did i mention im single