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Mike Gutierrez

This is Mike the Drummer

Mike and his hair

Yes as you probably guessed it Mike is Daniels brother. hes been playing the Drums for about 2 years so he knows what hes doin. his hairs nice isnt it....takes him forever to do it unlike me. He uses that watery shit that u have to use a hair dryer for so it takes like an hour. (I use KMS)

Mike looking good

I like to think Mike has a punk style....its ok and looks alright on stage. Him and his brother live in an apartment in sunland right now but are planning to move into a house in the next year.

Mike looking good

You think that we'd look like we're the tightest band on think right hahahahaah jk. Mike needs to hurry up and move so we can have a better place to actually practice.