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Isn't it ironic that the things we take for granted are what we really wanted?

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June, 16th, 2004 - Well I guess it has been awhile since a update here. Umm anyway yeah I added some kickass links/bands, but umm yeah that's really it. I made a dreambook, but I guess I haven't added it to the main page yet. Anyway umm I guess me and Xina have just been doing our own stuff and negelecting the page we made. Well maybe it'll see a real update soon. I had a amazing day consisting of the beach, baskettball, swimming, kick ass music (and I know rock music that really kicks ass) and freaking beer.

June, 4th, 2004 - Two updates in two days!! I bet that doesn't happen very often for many websites out there. Anyways I expanded on the links section a bit. Wrote a little bit more about myself on the webmasters page and the about the site now is a working link. Don't forget about the message board and in the following days I shall add a guestbook to this site.

June, 3rd, 2004 - I've added a temp message board as well as the bands history and some info about Cyrus and Myself.

May, 27th, 2004 - I started work on the discography for the band, but this site is still work in progress (but isn't it always). There could be some structural changes and general html work still going up and I plan to write something about this on the about pages and a bit about myself. I guess this shows though that we are serious about this site even if it is hosted for free on angelfire (for now). Also add to the fact that I'm (Cyrus) not a big Yellowcard fan...well not yet anyway.

May, 25th, 2004 - A shell of this website has been loaded onto Angelfire. This is still work in progress


Hi welcome to our Yellowcard fansite where you can find everything from news to pix to tour info. We will be updating this page constantly so always keep an eye out for it. Thanks for coming and enjoy the rest of the site.

^^^ That is flagarant false advertising ;P

All writing is copyrighted © 2004 by Cyrus and Xina unless otherwise credited. Images may have been lifted from other pages. Don't copy any text and use it as your own otheriwse you shall be banished to the nether regions of the world. We aren't oficially associated with Yellowcard though Xina would like that I'm sure.