We've just recorded our latest full length CD, 'Kleptomaniac', which is due to go out in late October. It's our coolest yet so we recommend you buy it and we promise the kids at school will start to treat you better...


Our latest album - isn't it shnazzy?! Features:
  1. Death (Chubbi Chew Chew)
  2. I've never had anyone from Brescia
  3. Ve Trufe
  4. Incivility
  5. Pollyfilla
  6. #55
  7. 50ft Totem Pole
  8. The Grass Monta
  9. Hole in one on the Canada Green
  10. I'm just kidding
  11. Purple Dinosaur
  12. Has anyone see my lighter?
  13. Where's my toothbrush?
  14. Cheafi the stiff cat

Treva & His Peanut Butta
Our first album we released - back in the day when we thought we had talent...
  1. Flopsy the rabid bunny terrorist
  2. What Volcom jersey?
  3. Belt Monsta
  4. Ignore her, she's foreign
  5. Lachine
  6. Bottles with bow-ties
  7. You remind me of Deacon Paul
  8. Those damn penguins
  9. Burning napkin
  10. What does that say?
  11. Sport anyone?
  12. Dilf

Come Hither Piggy (EP)
Our EP consists of:
  1. J.B. (Jack Bob)
  2. Just using your bathroom...
  3. I'm not comfortable with this!
  4. Ra ra ra
The Skittish Mongii - Limited Edition
We're planning on releasing a special edition of The Skittish Mongii, featuring songs from live gigs and also those ones we've written but have never really bothered to record. There's also  a really cool interactive  thing you can watch when you put it into your computer! So keep and eye out for it 'cause there's only about 100 of them.