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Seemless Society
Welcome to the homepage of Glasgow rock band, Seemless Society. Here you will find information about the band, you will be able to download songs by the band, and as well as many other things, you will be able to post on the forum, and give feedback on the band etc. I hope you enjoy it. - Adam (Bassist and webmaster)

Latest News

Tuesday August 5th 2003

The band have been asked to feature in a documentary for a Lanarkshire TV station, ThistleTV. The documentary is about new, young, Scottish bands. It will feature live footage of the band, and also interviews, and maybe some backstage footage of us in the studio. This will be a great opportunity for the band to get noticed by a huge audience of people.

I am also doing some work for the program as well, so I will use this as a good opportunity...

Any bands who wish to find out about this documentary, or submit demo's, here's the information:
Lanarkshire television channel, ThistleTV, are on the lookout for new Scottish bands, to feature in a 12-part documentary series. The series will feature a new band each week, and with have live footage of the band, as well as interviews and backstage footage. Age limit is 15-20 years old.

Send your demo's to:
Ruth Yates
Thistle TV,
Rowantree House,
17 Rowantree Avenue,
Newhouse Industrial Estate,
01698833773 / 07881447920
E-Mail -

You can also contact me about it at or on 07729740057

I hope to hear from some interested bands soon, as this is a really good opportunity for all bands involved, as the potential audience is about 60,000 people...Much more than you'd get at a gig...haha.

Adios amigos,

Monday August 4th 2003

Last night's practice with Fraser was fantastic. The songs now sound complete, and really good.

We have a new addition to the band, he is Fraser Lyndsay from Elderslie. He's the new lead guitarist.

Sunday August 3rd 2003

Craig (lead guitarist) has left the band, due to clashes in musical tastes/influences with the rest of the band. We still hope to maintain a good friendship with him though, and I hope he will still support the band. I wish him luck with the future.

We do, however, have another guitarist lined up, so I'm waiting to see how this goes. He will be practising with us tomorrow night.

I will be uploading some tracks by the band pretty soon, once we get a good quality recording of them.

Friday August 1st 2003

I've made the base design for the website. I don't have any programs, so it ain't the most complicated of designs.

I created a forum for the site, check it out by clicking "Forum".

I've been checking out different websites, to find a cheap host, and also a cheap domain site. Any recomendations? Post them on the Forum.

Bye for now,
Adam (Bassist)