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Scott Jones's Kick Ass Muzac

Hey Gee's, this is my SWEET!!! webpage for my even SWEETER muzac.I made it with Fruity Loops!! This is a program for making music. Anyway, download my music or I *might* come after you with an axe. Also go to my other page Scotts Stuff

You are StrongBad. You hate everyone, especially
HomeStar. Your e-mails and prank calls are
hilarious. You're my favorite character. You
try to be evil, but sorry, being shirtless with
boxing gloves just isn't scary. Don't worry
what everone else thinks because hey, they are
all "crap for brains".

What HomeStarRunner Character are you? (pictures)
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My Music Bizatches!!!!!!!

Shinopia (My First Song!!)
Crazy Rythmses (My Second Song!!!)