At the current moment eye of a burning gods website is planning to be moved... to a new location near you. I have upgraded all my equipment and am working on a new page, The page will also be home to my Home Studio Broiled skin studios...


We have 3 songs (currently one is in the process of being uploaded providing myspace will work...) and they are there for your listening pleasure...

for more info and updates you can check out myspace


thanks -Jordan site News

  • Sunday Jan 30th 2006: I have updated my space again and added a new song that me and my brother worked on, until I get my second mixer (for mic'ing my drum kit up) I will probably not release any "REAL" stuff till later, but this is just a glimpse at what I sound like. Another note, I have also added a new bass amp to my collection of crap, so now the studio has all the equipment, minus the all important mixer/PA system, otherwise that, the studio is pretty much complete.

  • Monday Jan 1st 2006: Happy damn new year! hope you all had a great new year... as I did, I have released a new song on myspace... its not that great but it'll do till i rerecord it

  • Monday Nov 7th 2005: I have finally finished the studio, my workspace is complete, which means i can finally start recording, but im still unsure when the project will be finished, Again it may be another 2-3 months untill you start seeing more songs on the site, also, i am working on a new flash site, which will be under a different name. Thanks -jordan

  • Friday september 23rd 2005: I have aquired my new amp and guitar... a crate stack amp and a new guitar which i bought cheap, but sounds good, i will begin recording when i get my mixer, but for now numourus demo songs may be realsed-thanks

  • I will be aquiring new equipment soon, so my music will sound a whole-lot better. I will continue recording when i get my new amp, and mixer. BE PATIENT

  • eye of the burning god is recording at the current moment, so the web site is down till i have time to promote the album.

    for now this is the home of:

    studio News

  • new equipment is near! one week till i get most of my studio completed