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Study of Revelation
Intro Matthew 24:26-41

Matthew 24 set the stage for Revelation.
    The disciples asked two questions one Jesus answered, the other Jesus didn't answer. The question was not the time but Jesus was trying to prepare them for what was going to take place very soon. They asked when shall the end come? What are the signs? Jesus wanted to get them ready for what was coming.
  1. The Destruction of Jerusalem
  2. The end of the Jewish church and state
  3. The calling of the gentiles
  4. The setting up of Christ's Kingdom in the world.
  5. The general judgments and the close of the end of the age.
    What Christ did more than anything was to promote caution, rather than to satisfy their curiosity. He wanted to prepare them for the event that would soon come to pass. Jesus wanted them to stand against false teachers. This is a revelation of Jesus when he was still alive; He later gives John a deeper revelation after his death.
    Jesus foretells of further waves and great commotions amongst the nations. The Jews had rejected Christ and when Jesus died it brought certain destruction on the house of Israel and the temple. From this time on the sword should not depart from them. Only when Jesus comes back shall things be changed. He will establish His kingdom. This all happens because of the refusal of the world to believe the gospel. These things won't happen until 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17.
    Satan must come first before these things come to pass. A falling away on a forsaking or defecting from not only God but also his word. Satan will be exposed open to all but he shall deceive them even Christian especially those who are not knowledgeable in the word. The misery of iniquity is Satan's purpose. It is revealed at that time but it is too late by then. So God's purpose will finally be done the beginning of the destruction of Satan he has only a short time. The time of his reign will be shortened.
    Those who will not hear the message of peace and love shall be made to hear the message of war and hate.
    When we keep our trust in God. He keeps our hearts in peace and we are not afraid. Jesus is giving the disciples a way of escape, away of conduct, a way of comfort, and that is being in Christ's rest. He is our way out.
    Here are some scriptures that will give more information:
1 Timothy 4:12; Isaiah 14:13-14; 1 Corinthians 8:5; 1 John 2:18; Daniel 7:10, 21; Isaiah 11:4; John 8:41; 1 Corinthians 16:13; 1 Corinthians 11:2; 1 Peter 5:10
    Here are some ways to study & methods that may help you in studying prophecy.
  1. When does this event take place?
  2. Where is it in time and history?
  3. Who is it talking to?
  4. Why is it important?
  5.  Warning, is there a warning?
  6.  What does it mean to you?
    Opinions vary, but you think for yourself. Interpret scripture for yourself don't depend on commentaries.
  1. Some have opinions of their own.
  2. Some will have their opinions change
  3. Some have not formed opinions yet.
  4. Which one do you fit?
Revelation Chapter 1
Verse 1: 
It is the revelation of Jesus form God to Jesus and He to us. Jesus again gives us a message just as in Matthew 24.
ReferencesRevelation 5:7; 22:6; 1:19; 17:9, John 17:8
Verse 2:  John is a witness of the testimony of Christ
Verse 3:  There is a blessing every time you read the words of this prophecy, and those who hear and keep. The time is near.
Verse 4:  John is ordered to write and put it in a book. How are and what are the 7 spirits? They are 7 fold aspects of God.
  1. Wisdom (Isaiah 11:2)
  2. Understanding
  3. Council
  4. Might
  5. Knowledge
  6. Fear of the Lord
  7. Of the Lord
ReferencesRevelation 1:11,20; Romans 1:7; Exodus 3:14; Isaiah 41:4; Hebrews 13:8
    This is the sacred fullness of the Lord that is complete. God need no more and cannot be taken from. His spirit dwells in the physical, spiritual, and mental realms. Some more scripture references about the spirit of God:  Proverbs 16:2; Psalms 104:4; Zechariah 15:4; Zechariah 5 & 6
What events do these two chapters compare to the book of Revelation? What do Ezekiel 13:1-23 & Isaiah 13:1-5 interpret to say?