Other Kick Ass Sites


    Now it's time for me to tell you where you should go, because you can't do it yourself.  These are the best freakin sites on the internet.  You should feel lucky I'm telling you about them.


The Best Page In the Universe - Maddox is God, don't make me laugh my ass off bitch.

Starter Up Steve - So damn funny you will shit your pants.  Not really, but worth a look.

Liquid Generation - Now this is funny shit.  

Addicting Games - I get bored sometimes, when I'm not having sex.  This usually helps.

PopCap - More games.  Not as good, but whatever.

Dope Wars - Fight boredom, sell drugs. 

Spark Notes - Cause I'm too cool to read.

Yahoo - Bla bla bla, whatever. 

Kazaa - Music and porn.  What else can you want?

Winamp - What I use to listen to music, so should you.

Copernic - Wow, when I wanna find hacks to stolen software I definitely don't use this kick ass search engine.


If you got a good site, tell me about it so I can make fun of you.