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REDLINE (red-line) The gauged level of maximum performance usually by a high performance system.  A Cleveland / NE Ohio based dance and show band that has been performing for the most exclusive weddings, corporate parties, benefits and conventions throughout the region for more than a decade.  Get Red-y to experience REDLINE.



Kevin A. Downs Entertainment Coordinator / Band Leader


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REDLINE will provide your event  with a spectrum of musical emotions that will strike a chord with just about every guest.  From smooth dinner music to the golden age of swing, familiar ethnic favorites and the highest energy dance music, Redline's repertoire and experience in finding just the right song for the right moment will create your perfect soundscape for the evening.  


6 Piece Format    

Lead Vocal-Saxophone-Piano-Guitar-Bass-Drums  

11 Piece Format ( Big Band )      

Lead Vocal-Piano-Guitar-Bass-Drums-2 Saxophones-

3 Trumpets-Trombone

Cocktail Trio 


Cocktail Solo Piano



Four Hour Appearance

Four Hour Continuous Appearance        

Pre-Purchased Individual Breaks

Pre-Purchased Additional 1/2 Hour

Cocktail Hour


REDLINE has a performing style that is high-energy and interactive.  If your guests like to dance that's what we do best.  If they like to just be entertained there will be plenty for them to see and hear. 

You will find that REDLINE will take less break time between sets than most other bands.  A typical break will be no longer than 15 minutes.  The 30 or more minute breaks that are sometimes experienced with other groups will not be the norm with us.  We are very aware of how important it is to keep the intensity of your event growing.

REDLINE is very volume conscious.  We rarely have a client require us to turn down our volume but if you tell us to we will without hesitation.  You can feel free to monitor our volume throughout the night and instruct us accordingly.  We will do our best to respond to your volume needs without unnecessary attitude.  We never want our volume to be the cause of your guests discomfort.

The REDLINE sound system and overall stage set up can fit into various different sized spaces.  Although we are a mid-sized band at 6 pieces and up, we can work within smaller settings.  We have set up in country club dinning rooms and convention center stages.  We do not use big speaker stacks and our sound board is run from our stage area, avoiding the need to run cable and set up equipment out into the room.

REDLINE performs at up to 80 or more private events in a given year.  Many of these are high end and require a high level of service to our clients.  We will do our best to provide the same special service to your event.  See the FYI section.


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