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Hay This is my second site, I know it's been a while and I will have be bringing the exclusive, hottest news from the sunny side in California. Read the exclusives, feel the sun, listen to the music and feel like your in California

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01/07/03 New news (Posted By Mick)

Summer is here - the first of July and it's hot. I just want to say thanks for the support people gave this site. It has has reached it's limit and will be on pause with no mature outlook for its return. So it looks like a good farewell seeing how Bobby has been off-line for a while and ignoring all responsibilities of running this site. Fortunately, I myself, along with R&B know-it-all and a recent companion of mine Mekisha Jackson (who answered all my straight forward, yet confusing questions correctly ;-) will be doing a different site together soon. Just us two who are going to be running the shyt on it so far, so if anybody can bring any usefulness to the site, then get at me. This time round the site WILL be updated regularly, just didn't have enough time to bring you the news recently. Think I last updated the site myself on the 21st of May, and for that I apologise, you know how things just come up in real life away from the world wide web and you don't have the time to run a site on here.  

I also promise to make it up to that guy who paypal'd me the $500 to my account as well as refunding his money once I re-register my PayPal account, but I will need to find out my codes in my monthly bank statement so I'm not ignoring you or ripping you off. I already spoke about the bootlegging issue on 2Real Entertainment's forum last month, I said I wouldn't be selling the bootleg and requested that you support 2Real Entertainment artist Tha Realest's  solo release out later this year titled Witness Tha Realest. Good luck to all major and independent labels for the summer. Also I am in the opening and vulnerable mood, which means I don't really care what I give out at the moment so if people would like to get a hold of Amaru Records contact information, then e-mail me. . I've had it for quite some time now and I know a lot of you out there would like it to ask many questions or to find out news. Because this was given to me, (by someone of respectable authority who has contact with Amaru Records) I don't have regular conversations with anybody from Amaru Records so I will make sure that information like this will only be given to somebody of good use (site staff, writers etc.) I will also give out the MP3 to anybody requesting it, of the new Johnny J produced song called Never Forget. This is a tribute track from Former Outlawz member Napoleon and is dedicated to the late 2Pac Shakur. This track was produced by Johnny J only a short time ago and features singing talent Lady V who also appeared on The Makaveli album on track number 4: To Live & Die In LA, and on Daz Dillinger's DeathRow album on the 'very poignant & inventive' track Only 4 U. The beat is very tranquil and relaxed to go with the smooth angelic voice of Lady V along with the honest mournful yet, sincere lyrics from Napoleon. Everyone's probably heard it by now, but I received this track exclusively to my E-mail address and because I didn't or couldn't update the site in a while I couldn't make it an exclusive but for anyone who hasn't heard or got themselves this track, contact me and I'll send it for nothing at all. < (No I've not lost it either)

Expect to see Klockwork Entertainments first commercial release after the summer. An album from a person who you always wanted Johnny J producing for. Expect the new book of arts about 2Pac to be released as I said - Christmas. More news when I get it. Well done for the Overseer for running the WCC forum very well, even though I am no longer a member. Good luck to IV Life records too - Bobby told me about the remarks he got from you guys over there. Thanks & To the fans, to the haters (Dante, among many others) and to the people who gave me the contacts and everything, and to the people who fully supported us - Mickey's Back - and a gold & diamond DeathRow chain will be round my neck soon, if not then, then some day - mark my words!!!

28/05/03 Updated again soon (Bobby Seale)

Will be updated soon!!! Site will improve and will do more to support the West Coast. Thanks for every one who has visited here.

21/05/03 Lil Bow Wow : New album news (Posted by Mick)

His new album is titled Unleashed but I'm here to tell you about a new album already planned for the future. Unleashed will be Bow Wows third album but information received tells me his fourth album may be out by the end of this year. No names for the title as of yet but work on the album will include a tasteful list and a mix of R&B and eastcoast stars. A few names I can mention are P.Diddy and the other youngsters he helped out B2K. Others will be Missy Elliot, Timbaland and the one and only Ludacris on one track. B2K are said to be on 40% of the album. Don't know whteher Bow Wow will be taking a more mature approach through the R&B and upscale hip hop stars like P.Diddy and Missy. Unleashed will be a more direct album and will diss a lot of stars and no - one of them is not Lil Romeo. He says on a track on the upcoming album that he's Just a lil Kid. It will be good to see who Bow Wow has to address. In other Bow Wow news, he seems to be getting in minor trouble with the law recently for unlawful behaviour (shouting and cursing in the streets etc.) so maybe he's a straight 'G' after all. Beware of this Dog folks. He might actually bite this time round. 

20/05/03 IV Life Records going to blow up anytime soon, Bring the West back? (Bobby Seale)

IV Life Records, I feel, have hunger, talent and some experience with the likes of Tray Deee and Jewell putting in work. Be sure to support the next big label and go pick up the IV Life Records Compilation Volume 2 when it drops June this year. Look for talented rapper Too Cool when his album drops and I predict it to be something very special. This is a guy that will make sure a record is perfect in his eyes before letting it hit the streets, so you know it wont be a sloppy piece of work. This summer is going to be the summer for the West coast to rise. We have the much anticipated 213 album, solo's from Nate Dogg & Warren G. 2Pac's massive movie that will have huge promotion through MTV & for UK fans - MTV Base. Tha Row has returned with new music & we will finally see albums that have been put on hold for years from the likes of Crooked I, Tha Realest & one that I'm personally looking forward to is the IV Life family album.

I'd like this time to mourn Ryan Groetken who was killed Monday morning after leaving a 50 Cent show at the house of Blues. The reason behind the cold blooded murder was believed to be car jacking after the suspects left fleeing in Ryans Lexus. The result of death was a bullet wound. The suspects have not yet been caught. Ryan Groetken was just 25. RIP!! This unfortunately, was not the only slaying on Monday. Young up and coming Artist Camaflauge who was signed to Pure Pain Records, real name Jason Johnston was killed outside his studio in front of his three year old son. He was just 21 years of age. He was shot last September in front of his son but suffered only minor injuries. Luckily though his son wasn't hurt in neither of the events, which took place. Police are putting it down as Gang Related after Camaflauge was caught a number of times in possession of drugs and had an attempted murder charge on him.

19/05/03 Tha Realest : Unreleased DEATHROW Album (Posted by Mick)

Tha Realest - A former artist on tha Row recorded an extensive amount of material for his long stay without any real promotion or album releases. This didnt stop him hitting the studio though. We have an unreleased album here titled 'Aint Working With Feelings' & he certainly aint. Here you hear some of his underground diss records in 'Lettin It Be Known' which attacks Mobb Deep, Dr Dre & Chocolate Bandit. Whereas we have the clean version of Easy To Be a Soilder on there which addresses other people in place of Chocolate Bandit as Tha Realest didnt want to diss him to give him any exposure in the chance this might become a hit on radio. Can't Mobb Deep is a track where he attacks Mobb Deep in some street issues that Mobb Deep couldnt relate to claming they'd die in their sleep for not knowing the real rules to the game. Ready To Bust is the track with the most lyrical skill ever heard by Tha Realest. It's deep and one of the deepest trcks By the Bad Guy explaining street issues and how the system makes paranoid minds that are ready to bust saying the gun is where you put your trsut because that decides between the real choices and directions of life. For The Money I Will features some of Tha Realest's homeboys and the beat in this is amazing. Not commercial in the least and we have Tha Realest love for his label in this track shouting out how he'll represent his family but if the moneys still there. Will I Get Revenge sounds like a story but shows Tha Realest's talents as a very impressive thinking artist to be able to implement so many ideas on record. Tha Realests girl is killed and he finally get's hold of the person who supposedly fired at his girl and how he doesnt feel it's right to kill another black person. Some deep issues but there all real and he disses a lot of people like Snoop, Dre, former label mate Chococlate Bandit, Mobb Deep, Basket ball star Magic Johnston and The Bad Boy record label. This album I am told also had a track called 'Got 'Em Stressin' . Now this track is widely known as Takin Pictures In The Cemetary' and will put this track on among the rest of them. 

The price is $400 E-Mail me at 

15/05/03 Tha Realest : Aint Workin' With Feelins!! (Mick)

OOooohhhh sssshhhiiiiiiittt. Tha Realest's unreleased deathrow album. On sale? I will let you know by Monday. The new week will have Realest fans quivering. Here is the tracklist

Tha Realeast
I Aint Working With Feelings

1. I'm Out On Bail (w/ J.Valentine)
2. F*ck Feelings 
3. Ready To Bust (w/ Crooked I)
4. Easy To Be A Soilder When There Aint No War (Clean Version) (w/ Lil C Style)
5. This Is How We Ryde
6. Too Much Luv (w/ J. Valentine)
7. Streets Don't Sleep
8. Can't Mobb Deep
9. L.A. Hustler 
10. For The Money I Will (w/ Terror Twinz)
11. Forever Ballin (w/ Kurupt)
12. Murda Murda
13. I'm Lettin It Be Known (W/ Tha Last Circle)
14. Will I Get Revenge?

13/05/03    Tupac : Resurrection Soundtrack Update (Mick)

I have just had two clips sent to my E-Mail. These are: Life Goes On & Unconditional Love which have both been remixed. 90% of the soundtrack appears to have been remixed and there is also two unheard tracks from the list I have been sent. I might post up the track list if I get permission to do so. 

Seems to be a lot of hacking going on at certain boards I used to post at. I have no idea why anyone would ever want to do a thing like that. All I know about the yabb forum is..... well, just take a look at the pic below. 

Good news! The album "Untouchable" by Crooked I doesn't look to be getting released on deathrow records at all. This is meant to be getting released by Crooked himself who is said to own the rights to the tracks on the album, as he also owns all publishing rights. No word when this is getting released. 

12/05/03     Unreleased Deathrow albums List (Bobby Seale)

Hi all. Will have a list of all the unreleased deathrow albums including names as well as already released rare deathrow albums. It will be a very good piece of information to look at for all you deathrow fans. Albums from Snoop Dogg, OFTB, Lady Of Rage, Dr Dre and more. Keep checking the site and I should hopefully have the list up by the end of the week but it will be in Tha Heatwave section which I will confirm.

11/05/03   Just want to give a shout out to my Homie (Mick)

Spike a/k/a El Kin. Also like to shout out to my favourite sites, particularly ones that have all banned me. No love lost though, I still got love for you all

10/05/03   Finally Kurupt's Deathrow debut album out November (Mick)

Some news for the "DPG fanz"!? Well all we know of is that Kurupt is working on a project called "Against The grain" not to be confused with the one released earlier. Well not any more. This title for the project has now been scrapped and has now been code named "Back In Lane" and is said to be a double album. My own thoughts are that the time scale he has, to release the project, is enough time seeing how he returned to Tha Row last year. Guests already on material recorded are Crooked I & Roscoe who you will hear Kurupt credit and show a lot of love to. He expects Roscoe to be better than himself soon enough and will help Roscoe achieve this anyway possible. It's good to see people like Kurupt using his position to bring up young rappers like that. I think this album will end up being one disc of around 13-15 tracks. And news will be posted about a new DEATHROW compilation that will be out after Kurupts album. I dont have much info on this as of yet so I'm not going to look like an idiot by posting the little line or two I have regarding the new idea. This is to replace the project currently on hold "Greatest Instrumentals". This was to be released later on in the month but might be put on hold as much as a few years. Personally I think because this will be a time limit to ensure Crooked, Kurupt and Danny Boy will drop a few classics where they can replace some already easily obtainable instrumentals on released singles etc. 

Tonight's the night folks. Tonight is the night of the DPG party to celebrate the release of the latest Daz album. Have you got tickets? Expect to see a lot some deathrow peoples there? Well think again. From word I've heard close to people that know don't expect to see any Death Row peoples at the party. It's not that there scared, they just don't want to ruin a celebration that involved innocent people as well as the guilty party dissing Tha Row. However just because Tha Row wont be in attendance at tonights party, dont think Daz will keep quiet. He might even perform a track from tha Row Killa and there might be banners or posters up for his next release. Artwork from the DPG recordz site where it has a deathrow logo covered in words like killer might also be up . 

There wont be no violence between DPG and deathrow tonight, but I wouldnt be surprised to see violence between the people themselves.  If YOU are going to the party. Have a good time. I am not going though. I live toooo far away but will try and save the trip for any part which celebrates the next Row release.



Johnny J album (Mick)


If anybody would like a copy of the album released by 2Pac producer Johnny J. Then E-Mail me. I will be copying four of these and will have artwork for it as well. There are some great tracks on this album and it is now out of print and was rare when it was first printed. The price for a copy is $110 or 80 if you are in the UK. No shipping costs. do not pay into Bobby's paypal account. If you wish to pay using paypal then E-Mail me first to get my paypal address.  

08/05/03 Tha Realest Gonna make some noise? (Mick)

From what I'm told the music on the official site of Tha Realest ( ) that you hear wont be on the final album is is said to be his least favourite. Basically saving the best music for the album. The album is Not yet complete but will be soon enough and my date of the summer (end of July) seems to be correct when I said this date last year even when his label 2Real Entertainment's official site said it would be 2003 in spring! The first single of the album has not been decided although a single AND video with R-Kelly are being seriously considered. Dont be surprised to see this news pop up in a few weeks - Or like the news I posted on the unreleased "Toss It Up" video almost two months ago (which just hit the net this week) 

Back to topic though. Tha Realest will surprise a lot of you people out there when his album drops. The album is gonna be packed with flavour to appeal to all tastes and I mean ALL tastes. There will be the typical Westcoast smooth and relaxing style that people like Warren G are recognised for bringing to the rap game. There will be Eastcoast hardcore, R&B and a few commercial sounding hits for the charts. The collaboration list is going to be something else. This album is going to shut up a lot of the haters. There will be a mix of East/West, former Rap-A-Lot artists and Jevon will be bringing the bay with him on "Witness Tha Realest" as well as his closest like Doobie, the Terror Twinz and Top Dogg. And your going to see some very good production especially with the likes of Stevie & Marv on there. Marv & Tha Realest are like the Johnny J & 2Pac, Heard some of their unreleased tracks together and WOW, sh*ts hot. With the recent exposure R-Kelly seems to be getting recently due to his new album and bullsh*t child molesting charges, he will definilty recieve radio play and some TV time so it would be ideal to choose a collaboration with him as the first single. Think it was 4 tracks done during a Fri-Sat but I will check that out. A Death Row album "Prodical Son"  had material which can now be released. Had a lot of different tracks like Bullet Proof Soul, Tha Prodical Son & Lessons From The Glock. The other 2 deathrow albums "Laced Up" & "Aint Workin with Feelings" remain in the deathrow vaults! But please - If your on the official forum do not speak about these unreleased albums as you see, you will be banned or your post will be deleted. Why? Because you have to speak about his music done at 2Real that you know of!! So basically they have a forum for discussions on Tha Realest that you could only make about 5 posts on cause we all know he aint released anything from The 2 Real label yet. 


06/05/03 Blac Haze Returns (Bobby Seale)

So Much DramaBlac Haze. The man who had short commercial success back in 1997 with the track Let me Holla At Cha is now back with his new album So Much Drama. This album is actually quite good. He is mostly remembered for being a 2Pac Sound-a-like, yet this album seems to be a lot different to his underrated 1998 album Res-sa-rec-shun. He made a slight appearance on the bootleg Shifting Weight and on the compilation Street Money Vol.1. The production on his latest album however is as good as the first, if not better. Please click on the album cover and purchase this to support the west!

06/05/03 The Down Low CD Update (Bobby Seale)

One CD left and my paypal address is   This is the last one I will be selling but because of that let me happily tell you that the price is still the same. $400 in the US, 280 in the UK. Please note: If you pay by paypal then please add your subject and mailing address in the 'additional notes' or 'comments to the seller' box. If by any chance someone else pays after the item is sold, then the money will be refunded. 


02/05/03 Ja Rule is: The black Dove (posted by: Mickey)

People might remember me talking about Ja Rule's name change. For those who don't know anything about it let me explain. Ja Rule's latest album  'Tha Last Temptation' will indeed be his last album -> Under the name name  Ja Rule that is. You Ja Rule has been  criticised, now more so, than ever for biting the many styles of the late Tupac Shakur. It started with his dress and flow, and similar advertising ideas statements,  as well as album covers etc. Rumour has it that Ja Rule will play a role in which he is killed at the end of the night outside a busy departing night club (sound similar?), Ja Rule wants to bring the role to real life in his musical career? No wait, he just's want to bring it to his music!!! He will have a double album out in early/mid 2004 under the  alias Black Dove!! From my own sources he is said to be writing for it already and said that "Ja Rule is for the music, for the clubs and the party, Black Dove's gonna be for the people" and will have a more mature, political outlook on the affects of music and what it can do for people. It's such a shame that six and a half years people still like to disrespect  a man who made it easier for controversial hip hop stars to blossom.



In other Murder Inc Related news, Fatal who has been in secretive talks with Irv Gotti, refused deals with Irv Gotti after the fuel between the camp and Aftermath/Shady records. As  rough and rugged as Fatal can be on wax, he is said to have told close friends of his that he no longer wants to beef as he thinks it's pointless unless it's over real street issues.      



Down Low CD (posted by Bobby Seale)

That's right. I have two of these baby's for sale. Ultra rare and even rare on the street. Contains unreleased and unheard material from Xzibit & Ras Kass plus more. That's not all it also contains Unheard material from Tha Row's Danny Boy!! $400 for one or 280 if your in the UK. E-Mail 4 Details!!!


01/05/03 Crooked I Album Tracklist (posted by: Mickey - info from Bobby Seale)

Some day next week I might have the tracklist for the new Crooked I album "Say Hi To The Bad Guy". Aint that a bitch. Especially before 'That' website obtains it. They'll be hating me for weeks!!! Here's a couple of track names for u at the moment.... nah I'll wait til next week


03/04/03 Real Gangsta shit for sale (posted by Mickey)            

VHS tapes. 10 of these babys for sale. These tapes are about real California gangs and cannot be purchased in the shops or any store. They contain the following:    

'Van Ness Bloods' are chased by the police, GERONIMO PRATT and how the FBI knew, CIA sells drug, SUGE Knight in court footage and what he was like at high school, Afeni Discusses how Suge Knight may have manipulated many artists, gang land area and territories, suspects and murder investigations linked to gangs. Bloods and crips and some bonus videos including 2pac's To Live & Die In LA. I managed to get a hold of these beauty's through sneaky methods so keep them on the hush hush and also -> I've only 10 copies so you will need to be fast


(Anyone Interested in the above just E-Mail me on or join the forum and get at me there)


Look for the Exclusive Johnny J interview soon, for those who don't know Johnny J was 2Pac's main producer while on the notorious record label "Deathrow Records" and was the music man behind such smash hits as "Pour Out A Lil Liquor", "Life Goes On", & "How Do U Want It". I was able to ask him some questions about a variety of topics, most noticeably though was 2Pac and his plans for "Makaveli Records". 

Expect his album to be put on hold as Kurupt was working on a project called 'Against The Grain' (different than the authentic bootleg out now)  Here is a track list to the bootleg

1. Load Up (Intro

2. Load Up 

3. Now Whut\Feat. Roscoe 

4. I Call Shotz Part 2\Feat. Y.A. 

5. Caller Id (Skit) 

6. Gangsta Noize\Feat. Roscoe & Tristar 

7. On My Way (Hot Track)

8. Mo Money 2 Fold\Feat. Snoop Dogg 

9. U Ain't Tha Homie\Feat. Dat Nigga Daz 

10. One, Two\Feat. Everlast 

11. Gangsta Perogative\Feat. Dat Nigga Daz 

12. Bitch Make Me Rich\Feat. Too Short & Daz 

13. What We Go Thru\Feat. Warren G, Bad Azz, Daz

14. I Keep Tryin\Feat. Deion 

15. Where Ya Headed   (Hot Track)

16. Don't Go 2 Sleep\Feat. 2 Pac, Makaveli & Daz..

Note: If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of this, then get at me at 

21/03/03 I have been in contact with people who can hook the site up with some Dj Quik videos. These are actual videos that are sent to music networks like MTV & BET. I have a few as I type this right of now. The one I am mentioning is Pitch In On A Party. I will sell these for $12 each if anyone is interested in one, let me know. These come from Arista 

Could today be the day for news on an unreleased 2PAC video Toss It Up? From what I am being told this video was shot

before the released version. I am not sure, as I have never seen the Beach Version to Toss It Up, but I

DO have a clip of the video, which will be on this site at a later date as soon as I have permission to do so!My first thought was initially thinking that the video was never done. And it IS the one that we see 

                                backstage footage from the deathrow uncut DVD. 



20/03/03   Daz Dillinger delays DPGC : U know what I'm Throwin Up

This has been delayed, and there are disputes going on whether certain tracks will be on the final album. As I discussed on you will see that I talked about the track dissing Rap game veteran 'Scarface'. However other tracks directed towards a certain individual have now been in discussion as there will be a shock within the next few days. These are just rumours I've heard from my sources and I don't know what to make of them, as I wont put them on the site until I am certain but what I will say as a hint -> The last of tha Pound album might not be the last dogg pound album after all.



Hi all, this is my second site under way after the first collapsed, This is Bobby Seale from the old site that represented the bay area CD's and sold the street bootlegs. This will be maintained by myself, Mick & one more person who will be on here at a later date to supply the site with some very useful and interesting news and perhaps audio. 

What you can expect from the site is news from the Westcoast, interviews, reviews and recommended albums. Expect an interview soon with a former Outlaw member!!!!  



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