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The GCSE music exam consists of three main areas. These are shown below.

Performance: You will perform two pieces. One will be your own composition.
Composition: You will compost at least two pieces. One will be performed by you.
Listening and appraising: You will have to sit a listening paper, answering questions on various topics. This is the only listening paper you will sit.

The percentage for each area is as follows:

30% Performance
30% Composition
40% Listening and Appraising

On this website you will find resources to help prepare you for your listening paper. Some areas of the site require you to have a Flash Player installed. If you not have one installed click here (this will open the page in a new browser window). If you do not wish to download this software, you will find that the information presented as a Macromedia Flash presentation has also been put into HTML/text format.