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SalSaiN Entertainment

SalSain Entertainment presents Dr.Namath in his debut romantic album: "O My Love", expressing love for India and a special someone in scintillating melodies arranged in a new and different style. Even though in the medical profession, his passion has always been singing hindi music from his childhood years in India. Recently he ventured into composing his own tunes and lyrics thus bringing forth his creative talent in this album and more to come. For inquiries pls. contact (917)882-0346. Copyrights registered 2002. All rights reserved.

A New Romantic Hindi Album by Dr. Namath

"O My Love" (Click below -8 audio clips)

Track 1:Watan Hai Hamara Hindustan
Track 2: Meri Zindagi Mein Aake
Track 3: Suni Suni Raat Hai
Track 4: Mohabbat Ki Rahon Pe
Track 5: Sapnon Mein Aati Ho
Track 6: Mehfil Mein Teri
Track 7: Dil Mein Teri Yaad
Track 8: Kaisa Pyaar Ka Jaadu
all india radio/akashvani
rbc radio

Email: salsain2002@yahoo.com