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Fast Links: How to add a server to the private opennap servers list. Opennap Servers FAQ Programs needed to log in this servers How to Setup your OWN Opennap Server

Private Opennap Servers List

Read carefully please before trying to login in any of these servers

Network Topic Language/Country How to Register Server Port Other Things Average Uptime Webpage
DeathNap Metal Music English 666 (none) 24/7
Sparrow mp3, Goth, Metal, Dark German 8888 (none) 24/7
Sparrow mp3, Goth, Metal, Dark German 8888 (none) 24/7
Sparrow mp3, Goth, Metal, Dark German 8888 (none) 24/7
WRMovies Movies, Music, And Games English/United States Join our site and you are emailed detailed instructions on how to do so 17777 (none) 24/7

Note for other Nap Clients users: These lists are in a Winmx site but you can also use them in other programs such as Napster + Napigator, Audignome and others.

Private Opennap Servers List FAQ

Normal Users FAQ

Which programs should I use to log in to these private servers?

How do I set up my program to log in to these servers? It depends in the program you use. Please refer to its manual. Remember to specify the opennap server name and the password the napmaster sends to you.

I don't get logged in in any of the servers
This is because probably you haven't set up the password for your server. You need a password from the server owner (See How to register column) and... then you have to tell your Napster client (Winmx, Napster+Napigator, Audignome,...) what the server password is.

Why should I login in a private opennap servers when there are many public ones?
Good Question! Private Opennap servers are focused to specific file sharing, e.g. metal music, and other ones.

So if you are looking for a rare file that you don't find anywhere this may be your place.

Another advantage of these servers is that the need of a password limit users to the extent of this that want to share their files and that are really interested on the server contents. So you'll find good quality stuff in private opennap servers. And there would not be messages as "the server is busy..."

I have more questions that are not listed here. Any email contact to be answered?
Of course...

Napmaster FAQ

Why is useful this list?
Your server will be listed in a list and more possible users will have access to your server. This list has also some columnstags such as topic, other, and similar to limit access to users that are really interested in the kind of contents that you prefer your users to share.

I am a public server and listed in Napigator. Why should I convert my server to a private one?
Every public server that is listed in Napigator is accesible from Napmx, Napimx, Gator2MX, MXNapper and other programs that help users adding your server to a program called Winmx.

Winmx has the ability of connecting to various servers. That means that every public server is fucked with all the login requests coming from these people. This is one reason to leave Napigator.

The people that are logged in your server will have a better experience with it... no more "the server is not responding or its busy?"

As long to satisfy users that only connect to me by my ip... if I have one dinamic ip how the hell do I tell your server which is my ip address.
Sorry, but I don't have a solution for this right now. I'm just looking for a free solution that giving a dns name gives me its ip (Preferably through a webpage).

I want my opennap server to be listed here. What should I do?

This site only admits private servers ones... that's to say servers where people need to introduce their username and password so that they have to email the napmaster in order to get a username/password pair because they are interested.
If your server admits anyone withouth username/password DO NOT SEND ME any data

If you want to add servers to the private opennap servers list, you have to send me an email with the data of your server(s).

As long as I don't want to get mad with the emails I've prepared a copy-paste form for you to use, here's the template and an example about.

In order to demonstrate that you're the napmaster... just fill demonstration field with the webpage where I can check that the email with which you have written to me it's the same as the napmaster.

Here's the form for:

Server (Dns Name):
IP Address:
Webpage of the Opennap server (not compulsory):
Other things:
How to register:

Here's the explanation:

  • Network:
  • The network where your server belongs to. If none network will be n/a
  • Server (Dns Name):
  • The static name of the server, if you're the owner and you have an static ip and you aren't going to register a dns name for it... give here the ip Compulsory
  • IP Address:
  • It's just the number like: 134.434.34.345 that you use to connect to the server
  • Port:
  • The port to connect to Compulsory
  • Demonstration:
  • This is a webpage where I can find your email and check that you're the real napmaster. Compulsory
  • Webpage of the Opennap server:
  • Some people may be interested in your server webpage.
  • Language/Country:
  • If the people who pretend to log in the Server have to share their files in a determinated language if possible. Or they have to be from one specific country
  • About:
  • What's about your server? Videos from Pop Music, videos, pop music, ukranian folk,...
  • Other things:
  • Whatever you thing is important to me to know.
  • TimeTable:
  • This is the timetable when you're going to be online. Please send me GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time).

    And remember to specificy when the server will be online, hour to hour, day to day... Compulsory

  • How to register:
  • How the hell does anyone who wants to, get an account and a password to access your server. Compulsory
  • Action:
  • Tell me if you want to ADD, DELETE or MODIFY the data you send to me. Compulsory

    Here's an example:

    Network: DeathNap
    Server (Dns Name): 
    IP Address:
    Port: 4567
    Webpage of the Opennap server:
    Language/Country: English
    About: Anime
    Other things: I cannot connect to it in 60 seconds with Winmx.
    How to register: Go to
    Any doubts send me an email I have more questions that are not listed here. Any email contact to be answered?
    Of course...

    Here's there's a permanent poll about the best Napimx clone tool:

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    Winmx Tools neither is responsible of any illegal use that you could do with the information listed in our webpages nor is responsible of any damage that you could cause to the software or hardware of your computer with the information or programs downloaded from this webpage.

    This doesn't mean that we try to matter you in purpose, that means if something happens to you, you're the only responsible one.

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