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.::. M y J e s u s M e r c y .::.

Pride Remains Unbroken
Words Remain Unspoken

Myth.. Or Magic.. No one every knows..
"My Jesus Mercy" is a Industrial project band made up of "Miss Faith" the soul soothing vocals and beats from the heart master, and "Embryo" the creator of mad guitars and dramatic bass.
Together we produce music that no other has ever heard.. The madness from the beats, guitars... the emotions sung out from the heart.. we are the future of music... the distant stars!

With the influences of VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk we hope to combine the forces of Industrial Trance and EBM and create a sound never heard before.. new whole new meaning to Industrial.

~~N E W S - U P D A T E~~
2 more tracks added to future produced album.
The tracks are:
** Fire
** Previous War
MP3's can be getting hold off. Leave a message in the guest book or send Miss.Faith an email if you wish to have the songs emailed to you.