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I Love You Forever!

Dawn & Ken



Maid of Honor Best Man

Flower Girl




On this special, extraordinary event, Friday July 18th 2003,

I, Kenneth, take thee, Dawn,

to be my lawfully-wedded wife,

I'm very honored to be  your husband.

I will always love you,

care for you,

cherish you,

and supporting you.

I will be there,

when you feel happy,

when you feel sad,

when you feel down,

when you needed me.

I will be there for you always!


thank you for coming into my life.

Thank you for your true love!

Forever yours,



Sweet Ken My Love,

Today I give to you my total love & commitment....

I will share my life with you on line as in real life ...

I will cherish every moment & word we have together...

And dwell upon it all throughout the day ...

Your love I hold eternally.

We mold together with such ease and perfectly...

And so I follow you on this path and forever more we two shall laugh...

Joys and tears we will share together forever and always my dear :)

The love we share is wonderful & an endless moment ....

A moment so special that time seems to stand still when we are together.

Its so precious and at times all we hear is the harmonizing of our hearts as one with each other.

On this special day I hope and pray you know that I give you my heart,

and I will cherish your heart which you have given me :)

I love you Ken "I Do"















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Dawn & Ken Wedding Reception


Special Wedding Day: Friday July 18th, 2003.

"I Want To Love You Forever"

Please contact me at: SweetKen_1@Yahoo.Com