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Dawn, Will You Say "Yes!" ?




I was so lost and confused when I came to the chatroom.

You reassured me, "Everything will be okay Sweets!"

You were not only rescued me from my sense of loss and confusion,

but you also treasured my heart.

My trust in people,

my hope,

and dreams come back,

because of you.


You are a true God-sent to me.

You were there when I needed you the most.

You lifted me up when I fall.

You wiped my tears when I cried.

You made me happy when I was sad.

You brought me happiness and joy each day.

You made me realized what true love is all about.

You made me a "good" man.


from this day forth,

I want to be there for you when you needed me.

I want to make you feel my love and joy.

I want to make you happy.

At this time,

I get on my knees,

and I give my true love and commitment to you.


"Will you marry me?"


Kenneth aka SK


Engagement between Dawn and Ken on June 6th, 2003