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W. A. Mozart pictures

W. A. Mozart (and family) pictures

Mozart, his friends, his enemies, and family.

A lot of artists recognize what an excellent art subject Mozart is, and thus we have quite a bit of art focusing on Mozart, his friends, enemies, and family. Here is where I will place all I find, if you have any donations please e-mail the picture to me and I'll give you credit.

I actually own these beautiful bookends. Had quite an ordeal getting them too, ended up costing over $100, but they are great.

This postcard isn't a very good picture of Mozart, but the Requiem scene is such a compelling one that I can resist.

This is Mozart's first composition.

Maria Ann Mozart

Constanze Mozart

Antonio Salieri

Emanuel Schikaneder

Emperor Joseph II

Leopold Mozart

Archbishop Hieronymus Colloredo

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