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BoA* Name: BoA* Full Name: Kwon Boa DOB: November 5, 1986 Height: 160cm Weight: 42kg Blood type: AB Religion: Catholic Education: Korean Kent Foreign School Hobbies: singing, hip-hop dancing, listening to music About BoA* Gweon Bo-a (BoA), one of the most promising young artists in South East Asia, is only 16 years old. She was signed to South Korean record label SM Entertainment in her early teens. She came to the attention of Japanese label Avex, after her debut album ID: PEACE B made the Top 10 in Korea, and in 2001 signed a recording deal with the label. Since then, all of her singles charted in Oricon ranking (Japanese equivalent of Billboard). Her single, THE MEANING OF PEACE, a duet with Kumi Koda (see below), is a September 11 benefit CD produced by Tetsuya Komuro, one of Japan's most prolific and successful producer. In March 2002, after releasing her first Japanese album LISTEN TO MY HEART, she has become the firstnon-Japanese Asian artist to top the album charts in Japan (charted No.1 in Oricon album ranking on 3/25/2002). LISTEN TO MY HEART has been co-produced by Max Matsuura (Avex) and Soo Man Lee (SM Entertainment) and it contains a remix by Hex Hector. BoA sings in Korean, Japanese, and English. Her second Korean album, NO.1, was released on April 12, 2002 (150,000 copies were sold in just the first day). her third album was "Miracle" (one of my favorites!~~ ^__^) had sold out the music warehouse.

S.E.S Sea, Eugene, and Shoo are the three female members of SES. You may have noticed that the initials of each of their names is the basis of their group name. The group came into existance through auditions held by the Korean company SM Entertainment, who was looking to form a new girl group to complement their already popular male Korean pop group, H.O.T. When the three were chosen to form this new female group, Shoo said that they were really close friends during the auditions, and that they were always together. So when they heard that they were all chosen, they were very excited and happy. It sounds like it was meant to be.

Lee Hyo Ri

Bloodtype: A Eyesight (r/l): 0.9/0.9 Family: Of one male, three girls, Hyolee's the youngest. School: Dongjak Elementary - Suhmoon Girls Middle/High - Kookmin University, film and acting major, first year. Best Feature/Complex: Her long straight hair/When she laughs, her eyes disappear! First Love: A guy in the same class when she was in elementary school. Favorite Food: Everything, especially chocolate covered cookies. Favorite Color: Red Favorite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio Favorite Accessory: Simple silver accessories Favorite Singer/Song: Mariah Carey/All of Brandy's songs

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