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*In4o aBouT meH*

  • *Name*:Steven (last name confidential)
  • *Age*:14
  • *Gender*:Male
  • *School*:Bret Harte
  • *Birthdate*:Dec. 13, 1988
  • *Hobbies*: Building Models, (Cars, Gundam, evangelion... eh.. any bandai made models* lol) playing Lacrosse, goin shoppin, AIM.. i like on everyday keke... i dont talk on the phone much, i LOVE anime all kinds.. to much to list but my favorites rite now is love hina and ah my goddess, and last BUT not least, playing DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!! my favorite mix is 4th mix plus and max 1 and 2. ~-^___^-~
  • *favorite food*: viet,italion..blah im not a picky eater..

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