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~eNnNnNn.... JOY!~

~DDR Video Clips~

LiL DoOds~Brillant 2U(Basic Vs)*only 8&9 years old!

Bomby~Paranoia(Basic Double)

Daryl&Beau~ Luv To Me (Vs Standard Basic)

~Anime Mp3's and Midi's~

For the Music Files, right click on the link and Click "Save Target As" thank you~ -^__^- ~Stevie

Dragon Ball Z 1st Opening Midi (Cha La Heh Cha La)

Dragon Ball Z 2nd Closing Theme Midi (Bokutachi Wa Tenshi Datta)

Dragon Ball Z 2nd Opening Theme Midi (We Gotta Power)

Evangelion Opening Theme Midi

Ah! my goddess closing theme~Congratulations Midi

Gundam Wing~Just Communication Midi

Gundam Wing White Reflection midi~

Gundam Wing Rhythem Emotion Midi~

Gundam Wing Rhythem Emotion *Pure* Midi~

Gundam Wing~Ethernal Wind Midi

Gundam Wing Last Impression Midi~

Gundam Wing Fighting Theme Midi

Yu-Yu Hakusho Theme Midi

Rurouni Kenshin~Heart of a Sword

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