Since I'm awesome and you're not, I make custom CDs. It all started with an obsession with Evanescence leading to me discovering that they had a crapload of unreleased songs. I made the CDs, and decided to go overboard..creating coverart, art for the back, sides, etc. I even made a booklet. I rock, you don't. This website covers the CDs I make.

NOTE 1: Click the CD covers to get the statistics.
NOTE 2: Some CD Covers look bad on the computer, but are crisp clear on paper.
NOTE 3: I'm having trouble recreating the cover art for some CDs. (They were deleted). They will be added ASAP.
NOTE 4: The first 8 are infested with Spice Girls. Don't ask. (NEWLY ADDED--07/30/04)

Evanescence: The Unreleased/Origin Songs

Mike's CD Thingy: Nostalgia Somewhat

Mike's CD Thingy 2

Mike's CD Thingy 3: Explicit Lyrics

Mike's CD Thingy 4

The Best of Mike's CD Thingy: Volumes 1-4

Mike's CD Thingy 5

Mike's CD Thingy 6

Mike's CD Thingy 7: StUcK iN yOuR hEaD

Mike's CD Thingy 8: Valentine's Edition

The Best of Mike's CD Thingy: Volumes 5-8 (UPDATED: 07/30/04)

The Very Best of Mike's CD Thingy: Volumes 1-10 (UPDATED: 07/30/04)

Patsy Cline Rocks the Party that Rocks the Body (UPDATED: 07/30/04)

Evanescence's Slow Songs (UPDATED: 07/30/04)

Mike's DVD Thingy

Mike's DVD Thingy 2 (UPDATED: 07/30/04)

Mike's CD Thingy 9: I'm Back, Biatch! (UPDATED: 07/30/04)

Mike's CD Thingy 10

Mike's CD Thingy 11: Floating On (NEWLY ADDED: 07/27/04)

Jen's CD Thingy (NEWLY ADDED: 07/30/04)

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