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Mundelein Sound - Mundelein Lights

Time for Sound and Lights try out is at hand...check dates and times from this web site!!!

Great year everyone, lets end it with a bang!!

Xanga Site Set Up For All Sound and Lights Members!!!
Please Direct All Comments to

Welcome to the Mundelein Sound and Mundelein Lights home page.  Here you can go about and find out more about this group and what they have done to become an award winning AAA division show choir group.  Sound was originally founded by Brett Carrol, but now under the direction of John Neubauer, the Mundelein Sound and Lights has performed all over the country in many competitions and invitations alike.  For more about the history of Mundelein Sound and Lights click on the history link to the left.  Many other links can be found to the side please feel free to click around and learn more about the Mundelein Sound and Lights.