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Credits And Thanks...

This page is dedicated to those whose prescence in my life has helped in some way, either directly or indirectly, to the creation of this site. I will be adding to this page as I see fit and will be categorizing the list as it becomes larger so as not to get too overwhelming. Thanks for your support!
Thanks go to Mom (always there!!!), Art and Barb Lunsford, Sean, Lisa, Ryan, Kevin & Katie O'Hara, Scott, Heather & Hayley Lunsford, John Lea, Larry Lea Jr., Steve and Cindy Freiss at Impulse Music!!!!! (You guys so RULE!!!!), Tony Heath (Frozen Ghost!), Greg Fulton, and Mark Alano (Slick!) of Rebels Without Applause, Metal Haven, Jaime, Lucy, and Ariel Lopez (Chiquita Loca!), and all of those that I work with that have given me the strength to follow my dreams and care so little for when they try to bring me down for being who I am!!