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CD Reviews

This is the page that will be updated most often as long as a steady stack of cd's floats through my hands and the money continues to pour in and out of my wallet. I will be mixing up the content here as well. Expect to see all genres of metal and rock represented. I am not one to cast an artist down before hearing what they sound like first. I am also BRUTALLY honest in my opinions. And remember it's only my opinion. Just because I think a CD should be used as a coaster or an ornament on a Christmas tree does not mean you may not like it. Take the time to listen to it. Most of the bands have samples of their songs on their official websites which are listed next to their review, if I can find it. Make your own judgement and prove me wrong or right if you'd like. I would also like to know your feelings on my review of that artist/ CD and what you would like to see reviewed in the future. Enjoy!!!!
Band: Ark
Album Title: Burn The Sun
Release Date: 2001
Official Homepage:Ark
Vocals: Jorn Lande
Guitars: Tore Ostby
Drums: John Macaluso
Bass: Randy Coven
Keyboards: Mats Olausson
Ark is an eclectic brand of metal that incorporates unique configurations of percussion with incredible texture and songwriting. Adding Jorn Landes' (currently of Masterplan) on vocals, "Burn The Sun" ravages the listener with crunchy riffs and powerful melodies. I was so overwhelmed by this album that I played it for four solid hours and subsequently never took it out of my player. I cannot say enough about this album. Hopefully Jorn will continue making Ark albums no matter what his duties in Masterplan may entail. A hard find though as this disc is only available via Japan as an import. Twelve of the coolest and best written tracks I have had the pleasure of listening to.
Rating 9/10