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Yes there has been an update!! More pictures and concert information for you to check out, thanks~L.A.O

Hey thanks for visiting our page! We haven't come very far yet but we're working our ass's off trying to make our band worth while. Right now we're still playing a few covers as we invent our own originals. If you don't know about us here's the 4-11 on LAO. We're a garage band like most, from the great state of Oklahoma. We play speed metal, kind of a mixture between Hard Rock and Thrash sound. We at this point are playing cover tunes Metallica mostly, although our band has and will prove we have the capability to play any metal, hard rock, thrash song out there. As of now we have dropped our old Bass player and got a new one. Mike's his name and a bad ass four stringer. We've lately been playing the SilverKing in bricktown but soon we'll be playing Shooties again as well as other clubs around Oklahoma. To say the least we are like family and plan to be around and make something of this band until we can't rock out anymore, which to say is not going to happen any time soon. I hope to hear back from some of you and maybe get you to go to a couple practices or shows but if not cool we wish the best for you. Until my next update Rock-on. L.A.O If you need more info email Ryan