Wolfcry - Glorious 4/5

Reviewed: 10-1-10


1. God of deception
2. Fadin' visions
3. Holocaust of nothing
4. Consequence of ignorance
5. The golden era
6. Payback time
7. Vile mind
8. Face the fear
9. I, the sinner

I've been a fan of this Greek band since their beginning. From their promising debut 'Power within', to their extra-catchy 2nd CD 'Nightbreed', to their outstanding 3rd CD 'Warfair'. 'Glorious' is the band's 4th CD and its thankfully in the style of their previous CDs, that being heavy/power metal with occasional light/background keys. Though the band reminds me of many bands ranging from Iced Earth to Gamma Ray, they mostly remind me of 7th Reign, the Canadian band with 2 excellent CDs currently under their belt.

One of the band's strongest aspects is definitely vocalist Costas Chatzigeorgiou, whose vocals are clean one minute (without a thick accent) and somewhat harsh/aggressive the next. His performance is nothing short of awesome, and it's really impressive how he's able to combine his different vocal styles (often switching numerous times within each song) with the music. There are also some backing vocals and even some small choir parts, but there's no doubt that Costas is what makes this band who they are.

'Glorious' grabs you from its opening moments, as "God of deception" is a furious song that starts the CD off in a powerful manner. Since track 2 "Fadin' visions" is so catchy, it's not long before you're totally into the CD and realize that the band's experience and effort is intact. Really, the CD never lets up, as every song is of high quality and not even one could be considered average. That said, the closer "I, the sinner" stands out as the best of the bunch, and it leaves you wanting to spin the CD all over again.

Fans of the band's previous CDs can buy this CD blindly, but if you haven't had the opportunity to hear this band before, there's no reason for you to avoid doing so now. I highly recommend them to power metal fans, and also know that their entire discography is worth checking out.




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