Whyzdom - From the brink of infinity 3.5/5

Reviewed: 8-21-09


1. The witness
2. The train
3. Everlasting child
4. The power and the glory
5. Freedom
6. Escaping the ghosts of reality
7. Atlantis
8. The old man in the park
9. The seeds of chaos
10. Daughter of the night part I
11. Daughter of the night part II
12. On the wings of time

Ascendance Records (the label responsible for Amberian Dawn, Ebony Ark, Witchbreed and others) reveals their latest release, the full-length debut 'From the brink of infinity' from the French band Whyzdom. Formed just 2 years ago (2007), the band didn't waste any time jumping into the metal scene, and I must say that they already contain plenty of promise.

The band's style is female fronted symphonic metal, but there's a gothic edge present at times, and there are also moments of power metal. Unlike with some symphonic metal, there are flashes of speed, though it's mostly mid-paced/bouncy, and usually upbeat. It's a heavy, sometimes pounding CD, and it's actually a bit heavier that what we usually get from female fronted symphonic metal.

Vocalist Telya Melane does a fine job, and she's probably most comparable to Sharon Den Adel of Within Temptation, though Telya is more girly. So she's not of the operatic/soprano variety, and I consider her to be a solid vocalist, while not quite up there with Sharon yet (for a quick example). There are also some occasional aggressive male vocals (which add to the band's heavier side), some powerful choirs and orchestration, and the CD can even be bombastic.

For overall band comparisons, Whyzdom fits in the group that contains Xandria, Within Temptation, HB, Visions of Atlantis, Delain, Krypteria, Nightwish (recent), Katra and Yotangor, but for the most part, Whyzdom is a bit heavier (and less poppy) than most of these bands, and sometimes reaches the powerful level of Epica. This certainly will be a positive aspect for most metal fans, as some symphonic metal bands are simply too light.

There's no doubt that all of the ingredients are in place with Whyzdom and 'From the brink of infinity' is a very good debut, but at the same time, this isn't one of the most memorable CDs. I like a majority of the songs however, and my favorites are the catchy track 3 "Everlasting child", track 7 "Atlantis" (which has a great chorus), and track 11 "Daughter of the night part II", one of the songs that really reminds me of Epica, along with track 8 "The old man in the park" - a slow song that eventually picks up near its end.

So we have a promising new band and a debut that can easily be considered a great start. I'm confident that this won't completely amaze fans of female fronted symphonic metal, but at this point, I doubt any band can do that, as this style has been around for a number of years. That said, this is another band to watch out for, and if you're a fan of female fronted symphonic metal, 'From the brink of infinity' is surely recommended.




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