Victorius - The awakening 4/5

Reviewed: 3-1-13


1. Age of tyranny
2. Starfire
3. The awakening
4. Lake of hope
5. Under burning skies
6. Black sun
7. Demon legions
8. Through the dead lands
9. Call for resistance
10. Kings reborn
11. Metalheart

What a strange awakening to discover this amazing act! No, this freedom call for resistance is not the popular kids show on Nickelodian, as that is spelt differently. In fact, this is an undergrouund outfit from Germany who play high-octane, fue- driven classic power metal. These titans of fury break the spell of oblivion by playing with an alacrity and fervor, unprecedented, on this their sophomore self-release 'The awakening'.

Right out of the stormgate Germany's Victorius show their influences with "Age of tyranny". Fans of Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, this is for you! Newer fans of Seven Kingdoms, Judicator, Armory, Steel Aggressor, etc., will also appreciate what these majestic kings reborn offer when they own the crown.

Far from being a Dragonforce cliche', "Starfire" is burning with ignited passion and powerful vocals. This has more of a classic Pretty Maids meets Axxis or Stormwitch appeal. The range of the soaring eagle frontman David Babin - while similar to what ZP Theart articulates with I Am I - is very evocative, crisp, and well balanced. On a powerful anthem like "The awakening" his tantamount talent is clearly self-evident.

The guitar tandem shred insanity between Dirk Scharsich and Steven Dreibig is simply stellar. Even when the songs slow down and begin to pace themselves like with "Lake of hope", the solos are ever present and always engaging. The necessary keyboard elements are prevalent, but not too over the top, as suggested on "Under burning skies".

The blistering "Black sun" is scorching, with a punishing pace, but "Demon legions" slows it down a bit, allowing for more thick heaviness and a darkened aura. Then "Through the dead lands" just picks right up and never ends with its unrelenting pace. The championed "Kings reborn" is totally triumphant!

The closing anthem of steel is a song written on my mettle heart both lyrically and musically. I am so pleased that I had a chance to discover these destined soldiers of sanctuary who are flying high and touching the sky on the wings of tomorrow. It was an absloute honour to review this Victorius.




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