Victorians - Revival 4/5

Reviewed: 4-1-13


1. Descent of your destiny
2. In the end (Love me now)
3. Voice of eternal love
4. Who never loved
5. Siren
6. Servants of beauty
7. Prince of night
8. Don't let them cut my wings
9. Juliet's tale
10. Creed

Here we have another female fronted band attempting to make their mark on the now extremely large female fronted metal scene. Out of Poland, Victorians has self-released this debut 'Revival', and it's surely no surprise that I'm reviewing yet another new female fronted band, but the thing is, some bands are a lot better than others, and because the scene is so overwhelming, I want to bring attention to the most deserving CDs. After all, the main reason Metal CD Ratings was established over a decade ago was to help metal fans discover the best bands/CDs throughout the massive metal world. Considering all of this, I'm proud to introduce Victorians and I will mention right from the start that 'Revival' is one of the better CDs I've heard from the female fronted scene recently.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Eydis (with no last name given), and wow is she impressive - instantly reminding me of Floor Jansen from After Forever and Revamp. Like Floor, Eydis is more than capable of reaching operatic range, but instead settles into the mid-range for the most part, and only reaches operatic heights on occasion. Her vocals are superb throughout, and for those who are only interested in female fronted CDs with the best vocalists out there, rest assured that Eydis and this CD belong in that catagory.

Musically, the CD contains a blend of symphonic metal, gothic metal and power metal, though if I had to pick one style, symphonic metal is probably the most appropriate. Therefore, there's not a ton of speed - like what you've heard from early Nightwish, for a quick example. There are fast-paced songs and there is enough speed, but overall, the CD has a wonderful balance of tempo, and mid-paced/bouncy songs are very much a part of the CD. For some band comparisions, I'd lump Victorians with the group that contains Arya, Visions of Atlantis, Dotma, Amberian Dawn, Emerald Mind, Niobeth, Atargatis, Overdream, Rising Sunset, Coronatus, Imperia, Opus Doria, Adrana, and the aforementioned Nightwish.

What's unusual about this CD is that it's a debut. Seriously, it sounds like a 5th or 6th CD from a band who has many years of experience. Not just regarding the excellent songwriting though, as even the production is awesome. While I really enjoy every song on the CD, I will single out track 3 "Voice of eternal love" as my personal favorite, as I like the quick pace and the chorus is very memorable. Any of the songs could end up being your personal favorite though, and there's no doubt that this is a highly recommended CD to those who continually follow the neverending female fronted world of metal.




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