Untimely Demise - City of steel 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-1-11


1. Virtue in death
2. Hunting evil
3. City of steel
4. Unmaker
5. Forger of belief
6. Streets of vice
7. Bloodsoaked mission

Fueled by fire, faith and fear, straight from the city of steel and starlight, speed metal hellions - Untimely Demise - with earthen loam, lionized lust, ravenous anguish, and a die-hard belief in mettle, forge their morbid tales of insanity.

On this their debut for Sonic Unyon Records, this 3 piece by piece unit of thrash metal, attack your senses and will numb your tortured skull. Like a sonic surfactant, these merchants of menace will cleanse your soul with their ruthless riffs of impertinence. Brothers Matt and Murray Cuthbertson and drummin' maker of doom - Scott Cross - outwardly destroy any doubt in their proficiency by bringing buckets of violence to their blood soaked streets of vice.

United by hatred, and rising with a vengeance, Untimely Demise are sure to sate any thrash metal fanatic with their razor sharp riffs, and head-banging induced hooks, which will leave your mouth wide open. The haunting evil solos are superbly caustic and viciously pleasant. Each blistering cut is imbued with hatred, wrath and violence. Fans of Morbid Saint, Num Skull, Revenant, Anacrusis, and their ilk should take note.

'City of steel' was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Glen Drover; who on this united domination, provides some ideal solos. The CD also showcases the war torn cover-art by the renowned Ed Repka. It is quite clear, belying all blind illusion, that Untimely Demise's suicidal mission of no mercy will surely give you a merciless death.

Fans of 80s-era New Renaissance acts such as Bloodfeast, Wehrmacht, Indestroy, Rabid, Necropolis, etc. or newer acts like Revocation, Warbringer, Skull Hammer, Vindicator or Avenger of Blood are sure to enjoy the thrashing metal mayhem. Since Untimely Demise hails from Canada, they truly wear their native influences on their sleeve channeling such skull crushing acts as Annihilator, Razor, Soothsayer and Sacrifice.

Like 'Reign in blood' or so many other bleed metal thrashterpieces this CD is short, clocking in at just over 30 minutes; but each bitter suite will instantly bite into your burning flesh resulting in tears of decay. Each intense anthem evokes spontaneously aggressive hammerhead banging mania. This is because each of the seven deadly sins leave their indelible mark of forbidden pleasure.

After several rotations of the actual CD which was sent to me, I am instantly stigmatized and hypnotized by the rhythmatic intensity of each well crafted edifice. Begrudgingly I am not too pleased with the packaging as the folded inlay card demands use of a magnifying glass for me to clearly read, given these aging eyes.

The CD ends as it begins with a fist pumping enthusiastic response. "Virtue in death" recalls the metal punk British integrity of Virus, Onslaught and English Dogs, while the enduring ending solo of "Hunting evil" mirrors early Overkill's "End of the line" or other killer cuts from 'Under the influence'. "City of steel" excites or entices with its pounding evil, while the epic "Unmaker" rages on and on. "Forger of belief" is a quixotic thrash dive into the pit.

Overall, I am highly impressed with this debut and I look forward to hearing more canticles of chaos, assuming that their brand of speed evil survives.




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