Reverence - When darkness calls 4/5

Reviewed: 7-1-12


1. When darkness calls
2. Bleed for me
3. Phantom road
4. Devil in disguise
5. Too late
6. Gatekeeper
7. The price you pay
8. Monster
9. Revolution rising
10. After the leaves have fallen
11. Vengeance is mine

If you worship music like I do, then you know that it is never too late to discover another amazing act. With each metal revolution rising, another quality band ascends from the ashes of the wake, after the leaves have fallen. Detriot's own Reverence are that metamorphoses of a monster, waiting at the gate; keeping the faith!

As you fight for the rock and see the phantom future, you remember the past, rip through the veil of disguise, and bow down in reverence. This is simply because these Motorcity Madhouse members are no strangers to the metal milieu.

Lead vocalist and lyricist Todd Michael Hall was the singer on the last Jack Starr's Burning Starr masterpiece 'Land of the dead'. He has such an amazing vocal range, and his savage siren call will please fans of those mettle Mikes who own the mic., namely: Mike Howe, Mike DiMeo and Mike Tirelli. However, it is Todd's unique ability to channel Joey Belladonna, that makes him a real contender.

When you begin to experience the dudgeon call, and constant frustrations of life, and desperately need to vent your disdain, then I exhort you to mind your vicious vengeance, and delve into the the power of the night, and might of 'When darkness calls'. This CD will lighten your senses, while creating the perfect pulse in your metal heart; all the while admonishing your head to bang, and bleed. The price you pay for the music will reach its fruiton, guaranteed.

I admire the believable and formal guitar talents of Bryan Holland and Pete Rossi, and their incredible harmony solos. However, the real kicker comes when you realize that none other than Steve "Dr. Killdrums" Wacholz has risen from the gutter blaise' and is shredding the skins like he did in the glorious days of Savatage. Although, the booklet also credits Tony Rossi (Pete's brother?) for additional drumming on most tracks.

All songs are very well written and performed. Fans of Metal Church, Messiah's Kiss, Armored Saint, Sacred Oath, Viciuos rumors, Riot, Heretic, and their ilk will surely celebrate Reverence. (Speaking of Heretic, they have reformed, and are working on new material, now signed to Metal on Metal Records!)

"Phantom road" is a bit more upbeat, and "Monster" has some suggestive arrangements, but selections like "Gatekeeper" and "Vengeance is mine" are the real standout cuts for me. Todd truly showcases his vocal talent on the slower, more passionate "After the leaves have fallen".

Overall, this self-released CD has excellent packaging both physically and digitally. The musicianship and songwriting is top notch, and any fan of traditional metal will definitely want to add this to their metal archives.




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