Razor Fist - Metal minds 4/5

Reviewed: 10-9-09


1. Fury of the warrior
2. Metal minds
3. Runner
4. Cosmic hearse driver
5. The seer
6. First strike
7. Thirst for disaster
8. Silver howler
9. Breath of fire
10. Loud into the night

Oh My Gosh! Oshkosh, Wisconsin's Razor Fist fight back with their punishing sophomore retaliatory attack, rallying all mettle forces by seizing control with their 'Metal minds'. It has been a few years since their first strike, when they released the astonishing self-produced 'Razor Fist force', but believe me it is well worth the wait! 'Metal minds' will crush your skull, like an anvil being pounded loud into the night.

They are signed to Pure Steel Records, and hopefully this will garner them the recognition which they truly deserve. In the midst of an incoming metal onslaught of wanna be thrash acts, and pointless, tired and red reunions, Razor Fist deliver the goods with 100% old-school speed metal mayhem. Once you experience the fire and fury of these wicked warriors, who are storming the gates of steel with sedulous soloing, manic/panic banshee screams, hammering bass licks and desolating drumming, you will be forever enslaved.

A few years ago I reviewed their amazing debut, which was handed to me at Minneapolis Metal Fest, right after I finished having lunch with James Rivera and interviewing Merciless Death. I was utterly blown away, and this was before the thrash resurgence. I reviewed their debut for Metal Covenant, and promoted them heavily in the underground.

Vocalist T.K. (Tyler Kasuboski) Xanax has a very high-pitch squeal, which seems to be becoming a little more tolerated, due to the success of 3 Inches of Blood. I still feel that he has that "Poseurs will die" thrust of the Chicago classic Metal Blade band who released 'Fist held high'. He also still emulates that Canadian heavy metal maniac Dan Beehler. However, how much Xanax can one consume in one sitting? I present this caveat, as this may be the only aspect of the band that grates on the senses. I myself love Overkill, Sacred Steel, Hallow's Eve (well except for the last 2 CDs!), Sacrifice, Enforcer from Sweden, Hirax, Helstar, and their ilk, so T.K.'s vocals not only do not bother me, but I feel they make the music more palatable.

Razor fist fool the weak, but never deke, bow, kowtow, or sell out. They stick true to their iron made in the mid-west metal wits. Once you are in agreement and have made up your metal mind, you will recognize this CD for the sockdolager, diamond in the rust, that it is; that is, once you break it down into pieces. Are you truly ready top plunge to megadeath?

The righteous "Fury of the warrior" sets the pace for the non-stop pounding evil, intensity and pummeling aggression. The anthem of "Metal minds" demonstrates these sacred warriors' love and lust for sex, drugs, and all things metal! The ultra-fast "Cosmic hearse driver" also echoes the horror filled fun days of "Phantasm".

The comeliness of the wrong resistance "Runner" upscales even Nuclear Assault with the bewildering critical, massively impressive solos by the underappreciated razor sharp Nick Moyle. "First strike" is a testament to the deadly intentions of sonic traders in the roll. Clearly there is no place for disgrace. The ragin' backbone breaking drum demolition fade out by Dave Patterson is truly praiseworthy.

I want to also personally thank Dave, who worked effortlessly to type up and transcribe the lyrics, so that I would have them in time for this review. Now that is metal! Much appreciated Bro, and I will get them on Metal-Archives as soon as possible (they're currently down). They always seem to be down, when I have a review due for MCDR... go figure!

The haunting fates mourning presence of "The seer" foreshadows a legacy of bad brood, Rosemary's Baby perhaps? This searing shredfest breeds pure evil, and a breath of fire, passion and persuasion. In essence it becomes a twisted version of Malice's "Tarot dealer" meets Hexx "Under the spell". As I slake my "Thirst for disaster" and maximum destruction, I feel like Bobby Blitz and D.D. Verni at the "End of the line", during 'The years of decay'; although the chorus and repititious octaves, may be a bit overkill.

I begin to feel at one with the wolfen shape loathing, just as the forest beckons with the shrill cry of the children of the night; while the "Silver howler" lingers in your ears. This tale of lycanthropy, and of wolf and man reminds me of the clever and dirty "Trick 'R Treat" movie which came out on DVD this previous Tuesday - the same day as "The Anvil Movie", the domestic CD release of the XXX Steel Panther and the highly anticipated new Kiss CD 'Sonic boom'!

Razor Fist dig deep into the thrash archives to create their unique sound. They cite Morbid Saint and Hydra Vein as being influences. I do not detect those thrash acts as much as say Oliver Magnum or Numbskull; however, I do respect any band who is willing to seek out the rare and unknown to keep that mettle spirit alive.

Just as the debut ended with the call to arms - "Rally all metal forces", so 'Metal minds' chooses to sum it up with the powerful and proud "Loud into the night". Let their incredible loudness be heard....

"It's a metal attack, there is no turning back
The Razor Fist force is ready for more
With steel mettle might, we're joining the fight
Hear the thunder echo loud into the night"

(The Razor Fist rant):
"Heavy metal ain't a hobby, it's a fuckin' way of life
So don't just sit there like a dunce, speak up
Our lifestyle's under siege and there's only one way we can fight back
And that's by playing heavy metal loud into the night, every night
So metal mind's unite and join the Razor Fist force 'Cause we're takin' over the fucking world
So either get on board, or get the fuck off the racks!"

So all you true demonseed metal merchants of death, it is time once again to rally all metal forces, and raise your iron fist high, standing strong and true for what you believe in, with all your mettle heart. After all... "This world was made for metal, so wake up all you metalheads, punks, skins, bikers, rockers... stand proud and come join the Razor Fist force!"




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