Queensryche - s/t 3/5

Reviewed: 7-1-13


1. X2
2. Where dreams go to die
3. Spore
4. In this light
5. Redemption
6. Vindication
7. Midnight lullaby
8. A world without
9. Don't look back
10. Fallout
11. Open road

If you have been anxiously awaiting the new Queensryche CD with biding enthusiasm, then given the sign of the times, I feel it is my duty to weigh the pros and cons, in the light of certain controversies, and dispense with the myth, altogether.

There is no question that Todd La Torre is the perfect replacement for Tate. He is no idle stranger to the U.S. power metal majestic voice that set the precedent, and he clearly proved this when he replaced the late Midnight in Crimson Glory. I encourage you to check out the bonus live tracks on the deluxe version and when you experience "En force", "Prophecy", or "Queen of the reich" you will fall silent, and lose sanity.

Todd's vocals are the saving grace to this terse 's/t' release which clocks in at 35 minutes for the regular version. Parker Lundgren does his best imitation of Chris DeGarmo, and the writing team of Wilton and Rockenfield are consistent, but they are more dedicated to the chaos of the past decade than focused on making more mindcrimes.

Take cover, because this is not 'Rage for order II' as the band had promised, landing more on the tarmac of 'Hear in the now frontier'. Case in point, the opener "Where dreams go to die" sounds a lot like "Sign of the times", and the 2nd offering "Spore" seems like a spin-off of "Spool".

Todd walks in the shadows of all contracts unfulfilled and unresolved. He somehow manages to pen some poignant killing words and positive poetic lyrics, but even while screaming in digital, the lackluster music is seldom breaking the style and stance of mere mediocrity.

There can be no vindication or redemption for the lean to the right. Are they truly doing the best they can? This seasoned tribe of mariners have been misguided by their compass, and the needle lies! Is anybody listening, or are we all led astray on roads to madness?

In the real world without a mission of sonic deliverance, the band forfeits their dignity, and shuns the evolution, stalling, as fans desperately strive to take hold of the flame; and not become too burned out by sheer boredom.

After the debacle from the other Geoff Tate Queensryche CD and the unknown frequency of recording complications and line-up rising problems, I was so hoping the rest of the remaining ragers for order would release something of merit and worth.

Heed this warning! If you celebrate the first 4 CDs for which they have built their empire, then hear me now as I inculcate the fact that the Jet City yeomen still refuse to embrace the American power metal ideal, even as they relentlessly soldier on, and try to not look back.

After the fallout, what we essentially have here is an acute take on 90s efforts like the aforementioned 'Here in the now frontier', as well as 'Promised land', with hints of 'Empire', but certainly not anything prior. I guess this is where dreams go to die.




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